Former Village Voice writer Karen Houppert's new book, Home Fires Burning: Married to the Military, For Better or Worse, includes a profile of an unemployed 19-year old Kentucky girl, Crystal, with a pierced tongue; a toddler with an eye disease; and a soldier husband who refuses to take car trips with the family because he gets claustrophobic with their child in the car. The book cuts across political, class, and economic lines to explore the lives of military wives in a time of war.

If Michael Moore's intrusive, self-aggrandizing, look-at-me style turned you off to the very idea of political documentaries, try Bush's Brain (airing on Sundance, insight 617. Check local listings.)

March is: "Talk with your teens about sex" month, according to Elle Magazine. We don't know who decides such things, but remember, it's "talk with YOUR teens"—don't just approach random ones you happen across.

On Stands March 16: Ace's Sweet 16 Guide to the Bluegrass/St. Pat's preview

On Stands March 24: Home & Garden Volume 2, the Sequel

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Understanding Health Care Policy

Lexington League of Women Voters invites all interested citizens to its monthly public affairs discussion. This month's topic will be Understanding Health Care Policy. The speaker will be Trudi Matthews—Associate Director for Health Policy, Council of State Governments.

The discussion is Saturday, March 5th; 10 - 11:30am; Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church; corner of Tates Creek and Armstrong Mill Rd.

Info, 373.9400.

Junk Calls/Junk Mail

Thanks to legislation, you already know you can be placed on a Do Not Call list that protects you from telemarketers. Did you ALSO know you can escape the (almost) equally annoying intrusion of junk mail.

Ask your postmaster about adding you to the list that refuses acceptance of 3rd class/junk mail. They should be able to take it from there.

Nominate a Star

The Kentucky Stars Project is an opportunity for Kentucky celebrities to be recognized by having markers with their autographs placed along Downtown Lexington’s Main Street. To be eligible for nomination:

The nominee must have been Kentucky born or raised or have lived in Kentucky for ten years. The nominee can be a professional or amateur with a long term commitment to excellence in the arts in one of the following areas: Dance, Film, Music, Television, Theatre, Radio, Visual Arts, Literature.

The nominee can be living or deceased.

The Kentucky Stars program is an opportunity for Kentucky celebrities to be recognized by having their signatures engraved in a sidewalk marker and placed in prominent locations along Downtown Lexington’s Main Street. Plaques will be installed in front of the Central Library, the Downtown Arts Center, and at the Kentucky Theatre.

Nomination forms at www.downtownlex.com.

Give Blood

Three more Central Kentucky Blood Center drives were canceled earlier this week, bringing to eight the number of drives called off due to the flu outbreak and ice and snow in parts of central and eastern Kentucky.

The loss of the eight drives means 361 pints of blood projected to be collected were not, putting the region's blood supply at risk. The emergency appeal issued earlier this week remains in effect. "We had some response yesterday to the announcement of our critical situation," said Dan Dickson, spokesman for CKBC. "But we need many more healthy donors to step up and donate." To check the schedule for the time, date and location of a mobile blood drive in your county, visit ckbc.org.

Click Donate Blood, then Find a Mobile Blood Drive.

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