The Mother of All Guilty Pleasures. These days, it's especially humiliating. It's SuperNanny (airs Mondays on ABC at 10pm). SuperNanny comes to homes that are being run by nasty, squawling, mouth-breathing tantrum throwing brats—and she teaches the parents how to Take Back Their Lives. The thing is, NONE of us have kids..... but SuperNanny's lessons (all about manipulation, control, and discipline) can be applied to virtually ANY situation—work, family, unruly teens, bad restaurant service, relationships…anything. And if things really get outta hand, SuperNanny will show you, as a last resort, how to properly employ: The Naughty Spot (one minute for every year of age). It may not be what you think it is, but she seems to make it work.

In her quest for world domination, Kate Spade (handbags, shoes, books), has now launched...a CD (?). It consists of cocktail music performed by British band Beaumont. (There's even a tour.)

XM2Go? A fun toy for music lovers is the Delphi MyFi, XM handheld. You get the 130 channels, some memory/storage features, etc. AND it's about the size of a cellphone. It also has an alarm clock, if you care about that kinda thing. No word if any of those 130 channels are playin' the Kate Spade tunes.

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It's Back

After operating on a modified schedule due to servicing, the Valley View Ferry has resumed its normal working schedule.Weekdays, the Ferry operates from 6am to 8pm. On Saturdays, the Ferry operates from 8am to 8pm and Sundays it operates from 9am to 8pm.

The Valley View Ferry is Kentucky's oldest continuously-operating business. It began service in 1785.


Police will direct traffic on downtown streets near Rupp Arena beginning at 8pm Saturday, February 19th for the UK basketball game, which begins

at 9 pm against Mississippi State. Also…Wednesday, February 23rd, UK will take on Auburn at Rupp, 8pm

A portion of the right lane and parking lane of W. High St. will be blocked between S. Broadway and Jefferson St. 24 hours a day from Friday, February 18, thru Sunday, February 20, for ESPN coverage at the Lexington Center.

Steer Clear

Both lanes of N. Martin Luther King Blvd. will be blocked at Barr St. one lane at a time through Friday, February 18, for pavement repairs.

The eastbound lane of Cramer Ave. will be blocked at Walton Ave. through

Friday, February 18, for utility work. Man O’ War Blvd. will be blocked one lane at a time at signalized intersections between Richmond and Winchester roads through Sunday, February 20, for work on the signals.

Death & Taxes

The Finance and Administration Cabinet's Department of Revenue (DOR) strongly encourages Kentucky taxpayers to file electronically again this year. "Revenue receives in excess of three million pieces of mail between January and May of each year and paper returns must be opened, sorted and manually entered," Secretary Robbie Rudolph said. "Electronic filing allows your information to go directly into the system, reducing error and delay and allowing your refund to be direct deposited to your financial institution." Info, http://www.revenue.ky.gov.

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