The Mayor of Hollywood has proposed an ordinance "banning plastic surgery on dogs and cats." Sounds like a publicity stunt—BUT, the proposed ban would outlaw practices like docking of tails, cropping of ears, de-barking surgery, declawing and other cosmetic procedures tailored to the owner (who are referred to as "guardians" in Hollywood) and not the needs of the animal.

If the cynic in you is looking for the cinematic ANTIDOTE to Valentine's Day, a LOT of great movies have come through the Kentucky Theatre in the past year —but only on a"blink and you'll miss it" schedule. Now's the perfect time to catch up on selections like: We Don't Live Here Anymore. It's based on two Andre Dubus short stories (you may know his work from In the Bedroom). Starring Naomi Watts and Peter Krause (Six Feet Under), along with Mark Ruffalo and Laura Dern as an unhappy foursome whose marriages reach satisfyingly depressing conclusions. The Clearing is more familial drama than it is a kidnapping thriller (which is the way it was marketed) and its portrait of Robert Redford and Helen Mirren's waning marriage, interrupted by kidnapper Willem Dafoe, is quiet but moving. The Door in the Floor is the most pretentious of the three, based on part of John Irving's novel A Widow for One Year, and starring Jeff Bridges and Kim Bassinger. For the true misanthropes who really just can't stand the sight of one more red heart or flower, ALL of these are available on Insight 99 or can be ordered via Netflix. You don't even have to leave the house. And any one of them will make you feel quite lucky to be single. n

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The Shuttle Shuffle

UK Parking & Transportation Services has come up with a way for fans to bypass downtown traffic for UK men's basketball games. Game day shuttles will begin from the Kirwan-Blanding Complex sidewalk, at the intersection of University and Huguelet Drives, one hour before tip-off and will continue until five minutes prior to the scheduled game time. An additional shuttle will make one pickup at the Student Centerat one hour and ten minutes prior to tip-off and at the Greg Page Grocery Store at 55 minutes prior to tip-off. This is the only pickup at these locations.

Return trip shuttles will meet patrons at the Vine Street exit from Rupp Arena and return them to campus following the game. The round-trip cost for all patrons is $2 per person, per game.

Steer Clear

UK will be taking on the Georgia Bulldogs at Rupp February 12th. Lots of people, lots of traffic, a lot of time spent waiting for cars to move, only to get caught at the light.

East High St. will be closed one lane at a time at S. Martin Luther King Blvd. from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. thru Friday, Feb. 11, to install sanitary and storm sewer lines.

The northbound and parking lanes of S. Martin Luther King Blvd. will be closed 24 hours a day thru Friday, Feb. 11, to install sanitary and storm sewer lines.

Utility work is scheduled to begin on the northbound side of the Leestown/West Main bridge. Flaggers will be present. Motorists should use caution. Lanes may be reduced and traffic may be stopped for short periods of time.

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