The Fun of H’Artful of Fun

By Justin T. E. Smith

All the locals are coming together once again for the 15th Annual H’Artful of Fun to beneft the Living Arts and Science Center. Over 70 artists and 30 businesses are coming together to get really buzzed off champagne and chocolate in the spirit of Carnevale di Venezia and the downtown art community.

The fun in H’Artful includes but is not limited to imaginative deserts created by local chefs, tasting stations, traveling performance art pieces, bourbon tastings, cash bar, music by the Orville Hammond Trio and numerous auctions. The live and silent auction items are limitless: original art by local artists, diamond ring, mink coat, handpainted gift bags—anything and everything the contributing community has donated for the event.

The Living Arts and Science Center by definition is community-driven, and H’Artful “supports everything from our alliances with social service agencies and allows for more free programs,” says Heather Lyons, newly-appointed Executive Director.

The mission of LASC (and thereby the mission of its major benefit, H’Artful) is to provide classes, exhibits, workshops and science events that are accessible to all members of the community. As a not-for-profit, they are dependent upon assistance from the community and events like these so that they may continue creative arts and science programming.

A la lucie’s is one of the many participants who have been involved since its formation. “I think that food nourishes the body the same way that local long-running events like H’Artful of Fun nourish the community,” says Lindsay Brooke, sous chef at Lucie’s. Lucie’s creative contribution this year is homemade s’mores, an interactive food experience where party-goers can make edible art with this camper’s classic.

As a la lucie’s s’mores illustrates, there will be a number of things to create that night. There will be things to paints, to color, to breathe individual artistic expression into as a way to celebrate the feeling of the night and understand what the proceeds benefit – art.

The North Limestone Street merchants are donating another night of fun all together with dinner for 8 at Mulberry and Limestone. Mulberry and Limestone will be opening its doors for the highest bidder with a carefully designed menu from the surrounding Limestone area restaurants (an entrée from here, an appetizer from there).

Pat Gerhard, a longtime Limestone merchant, has also been an active participant in this event. She says of H’Artful of Fun, “The people are always buzzing. It’s very fun, the chocolate and champagne, but it’s also a lot of fun for everyone to raise money for the community.” This year, Gerhard and her artistic counterparts were asked to paint lightly-fired plates and goblets.

Also noteworthy, historical icon, Dr. Thomas Clark, is donating a walnut table he made in 1967. The table, then a gift to his daughter, comes complete with an biography of where the trees stood in Estill County used to make the table.

This year’s carnival theme really hits the nail on the head.

What fun would the community be without the arts?

What better a reason to get out and have a little play time with old friends than to help bring cultural programming to our artistically-recognized town? n

H’Artful of Fun is on Friday, January 21, from 8 -11 p.m. at Radisson Plaza Hotel. Call the LASC at 859-255-2284 for tickets.

Also in A & E this week is the Lexington Arts and Cultural Council as they work with Thomas & King, Inc. on a joint public art project to beautify the builing at 250 East Short Street. The mural will serve to brighten the surrounding area with the cheerful personality and concept that identifies Thomas & King, Inc. All professional artists, designers, architects or creative teams are invited to submit a Request for Qualifications for this project.

Three finalists will be chosen from the applicants and invited to submit one design each based upon a short list of criteria. A final design will be selected from the three proposals by a final review panel. A $2,500 design fee will be offered to the chosen applicant. Requests for Qualifications and drawings and photos of the site are available on the LACC website at n