Jon Stewart announced earlier this week that America, the Book had been banned by some Mississippi libraries. Acknowledging his refusal to sink to the "go to joke.... Mississippi? Libraries?" he went on to defend the book for being banned because of the Supreme Court nudity, which he characterized as absolutely "the LEAST objectionable thing in the book," which obviously they had not read. Guest for that evening's show, author John Grisham, assured him being banned is "wonderful for sales." Stewart reported the next evening that the ban had been overturned, amused that the officials had cited pressure from the “outside community” (prompting him to wonder if they lived like the folks in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village). He added that since the ban was overturned overnight, and the Library was closed most of that time, he didn’t really consider the book all that banned.

Where’d you get the wood? If you’re concerned about where your wood comes from (opposing logging that destroys habitats, pollutes water, and so on), you can look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo on wood and paper products. Their belief is that forests can be managed AND protected and they award FSC certification to landowners and companies that meet “strict social and environmental standards.”

On a more shallow, less-earnest note, big-city folk who enjoy an occasional chocolate pedicure followed by an exfoliating sugar scrub now and then are no doubt delighted that Bliss has opened another New York location (Bliss 49 at the W Hotel in Manhattan). Three more are on tap for California and Chicago W hotels. But for those who aren’t up to the trek, Bliss products ARE now available online at www.blissworld.com.

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Leadership Award

Deadline for nominations for the Martha Layne Collins Leadership Award is February 15, 2005. To nominate, send their name, address, including zip, phone number and e-mail address to: jhollow@womenleadingky.com, or to:
Women Leading KY
P.O. Box 961
Lexington, KY 40588.

Nominees will be contacted, informed of your nomination, and asked to submit materials for consideration.

It's Heeeeeeeeeere

Two cases of Influenza were confirmed by officials at the University of Kentucky Hospital lab earlier this week. One confirmed case is Influenza A and the other is Influenza B. Lois Davis, Deputy Commissioner, Community Nursing, urges individuals in the CDC designated risk groups to get their vaccine as soon as possible. Also: wash your hands thoroughly; cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough; and avoid close contact with others, particularly if a high-risk individual lives in your home, if you have ANY symptoms.
Another tip picked up from the morning news doctors (now an office policy here), if you MUST sneeze or cough, do it into your ELBOW (and make sure that shirt goes straight to the laundry). No one shakes HANDS with their elbows, so it supposedly cuts down transmission slightly.

Check out the HYPE

The fourth annual KHSAA HYPE Student Leadership Conference, sponsored by First Corbin Financial Corporation and Fifth Third Bank will be held next Wednesday, January 12 at The Stadium Entertainment and Conference Complex in Lexington (off Reynolds Road behind Meijer’s). Some 300 students and 50 adults are expected to attend and will participate in the one day seminar that will have breakout sessions on teamwork, respect and sportsmanship and a town hall open forum.

Cameron Mills, former University of Kentucky and Paul Dunbar basketball star, will open the conference. Josh Shipp will be the closing speaker. Shipp has performed on stage with Bill Cosby and appeared on Comedy Central.

Additional Information is posted on the Association website under the leadership conference information link, www.khsaa.org.


Monday's Freedom March honoring Martin Luther King Jr departs Heritage Hall at 10am Monday.

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