Things to Try in 2005

If you're considering adding an animal to your family this year, consider adoption/rescue. Local shelters and Home at Last Animal Sanctuary are filled with adorable animals in need of a good home. If you have your heart set on a specific breed, ask around. You can also visit the AKC site; click on the preferred breed; and look to the left for a link to their rescue society.

Buy a piece of real art from a local artist. Not a poster. Art. It can be anything from the smallest bowl to a full-scale installation, according to your budget and space availability. But do it.

Throw away your scales. Or at least hide them. Not because we're above such shallow concerns as appearance—but because a daily weigh-in will only be counterproductive to whatever your "ideal" goal is. (Everyone can fluctuate a pound or two a day.) So whatever you ate at Grandma's this weekend is NOT going to show up on today's scales. Unless you startedwith Grandma’s treats at Thanksgiving and ate that way up UNTIL this weekend. Figure out what weight is healthy for you with your doctor; stow the scales; drag 'em out once a month (if you must).

Entertain more. Not at restaurants. Not at clubs. Invite people into your home. Your friends aren't judging the chaos; the Big Wheel they tripped over on the way in (that one they'll leave to the lawyers); or an occasional stray cat hair. There's NO substitute for sincere hospitality.

Read more. Real books. Not just magazines, newspapers, or websites.

Shop at Farmers' Market. Support local growers. Ask local restaurants and grocers if they are using local suppliers.

Eat what's in season (it's spent less time on a truck).

Learn how to make at least ONE spectacular dish this year (or if you feel ambitious: one spectacular Menu).

Follow the upcoming legislative session in Frankfort, and attend at least one LFUCG council session.

Select a charity that interests you and devote time and/or money to it this year.

Observe the In/Out rule at your house (not that one). For every new item purchased and brought in to your house or office, something else gets recycled to someone who could use it, or dropped off to a worthy charity. (This also applies to your kids and all the toys, electronic detritus, etc. that surrounds them.) n

Be sure to check out page 18 for the official 5th Annual Bluegrass Bachelors nomination form.

Letters Policy: Ace LOVES to publish our mail (250 words or less please); please include name and daytime phone. No photocopies. No bulk mail. First come, first served. We may edit for space and grammar; we will limit frequency; and, on popular issues, we may print one or two letters to represent a segment of public opinion. Private correspondence should be labeled “NOT FOR PUBLICATION.”

Mail: 486 West Second St , Lexington, Ky 40507


LFUCG Offices

Most offices of the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government will be closed on Friday, December 31, in observance of the New Year's Holiday.

No Pickup

There will be no garbage, recycling or yard waste pickups on Friday, December 31, New Year's Eve.

Recycle Your Tree

Put it on the curb between the sidewalk and the curb and the city will recycle it for you. (But not on Friday, New Year's Eve.) Be sure all tinsel, ornaments, angels, small toddlers, etc have been removed.

Legislature in Session

Begins first week in January. On the agenda: the Budget. Pay attention. It’s your money.

Ace Schedule

There will be no holiday disruption in Ace's weekly publication schedule. The Ace office will be closed on Friday, December 31 in observance of the New Year's holiday. The next edition, the Annual Wedding Issue, will be on stands January 6, prior to most of Lexington's upcoming bridal fairs.

Rupp Traffic

Cats take on the Cocks, 8 pm, Wednesday January 5 at Rupp Arena. Depending on your inclination, either: get there early for what's sure to be a rousing event; OR, avoid the area entirely if Hoops = traffic jams in your world.

To submit an advocacy/activism activity or event for Quickies, email rkirkland@aceweekly.com, or editor@aceweekly.com.

To submit an advocacy/activism activity or event for Quickies, email rkirkland@aceweekly.com, or editor@aceweekly.com.