That’s smarts

When did it become a SIN to be SMART? To be a thoughtful, reflective, investigative citizen of this planet? To question issues? To be skeptical of news reports, to dig deeper? To form an opinion based on a variety of sources—NOT on a 10 second sound bite during a 30 minute news broadcast?

How anti-ROVEian of me to consider another truth.

Mary Smith

Coming up Roses?

By Adam Salmon

I've lived in Lexington since before the city's recycling efforts began and I've been a strong proponent for them. I recall that there was a year-long waiting list for containers when the city finally started the program. I still can't believe how many people, especially young people in the central city, university student-populated neighborhoods, not only don't use the city-provided service but actively abuse it. Seldom does a week pass that I don't see Rosie containers filled with a totally miscellaneous mix of garbage. The guidelines for these units are simple and even printed on both the inside and outer lids—why's it so tough for people to read them? Not only does this make the job of workers in the system more difficult but it suggests to those with any skepticism that Lexington doesn't really care to pursue current recycling efforts, let alone expand them to a wider variety of materials.

Please folks, especially as we approach reduction of trash pickup to once a week, make the slight effort it takes to find out how to use this system to reduce our landfill overload and recoup expenses through recycling.

Thanks to all for your certain-to-be-instant compliance with my wishes.

The Horse's Mouth

....The Rosie (recycler) and Lenny (for yard waste) are great programs, but it's very difficult to use them in neighborhoods where anything dragged to the curb by 7 pm the night before pickup becomes a handy receptacle for everything from beer cans and bottles to items that don't bear repeating in print.

The address that's printed on the container will be the address/homeowner/resident who gets blamed by the city and cited for inappropriate use.

There is probably a solution, but we've discovered that placing electrified high voltage wire around your Herbie/Rosie/Lenny is NOT in compliance with city codes.

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Annual Meeting

Northside Neighborhood Association Annual meeting will be held in Transy’s faculty/staff lounge (basement of Mitchell Fine Arts Center) at 7 pm November 18.

Commonwealth Attorney Ray Larson will make a presentation on the “Community Prosecution Program” (scheduled for implementation in Lexington in January 2005).

Water Status Quo

Thanks to a tie vote earlier this week, water company condemnation will proceed at least until the new council members take their seats in January.

Love the smell of Garbage in the mornin’?

In a recent vote, LFUCG is on its way to cutting trash pickup back to once a week by 2005, at a projected savings of about $400k/year. Here’s the drawback: an average family is going to generate more trash than a once-a-week pickup can accommodate. And if your Herbie weighs too much, or overflows onto the Curbie, you could end up with a fine, and an extra Herbie for $60 bucks (plus an extra $4.50/month fee assessed directly on your water bill. Since the water company will turn off your pipes for non payment is that a fee...or a jack?).

To submit an advocacy/activism activity or event for Quickies, email, or

To submit an advocacy/activism activity or event for Quickies, email, or