Thank you

Thank you for the Hal Crowther article. It takes courage to speak in these times. It takes even more to write and publish.

Gene A. Dauer

Your September article, "A Priesthood Ends in Ruins" [ September 9] prompts us to take issue with the notion that Christopher Platt’s removal as campus minister at St. Augustine’s chapel marked the end of Episcopal campus ministry at the University of Kentucky. The facts tell a very different story. Thanks to a gracious and generous partnership forged by Bishop Sauls and the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington with the Lutheran churches in Lexington (a partnership that pre-dates Mr. Platt’s removal), there is an active and vibrant Episcopal/Lutheran campus ministry at the University of Kentucky. There is much more going on at St. Augustine’s than that "a Lutheran minister runs a Wednesday night meeting in the chapel and that’s about it." A full range of student-led programs and ministries exist, including Wednesday evening free meals and fellowship followed by worship, a daily open door at St. Augustine’s from 8am until midnight for students to come for study, prayer, rest, and fellowship, opportunities for service in the community, periodic retreats, and Sunday worship each week for students at local Episcopal and Lutheran churches.

In addition, campus pastor Barry Neese is available each day for counseling and spiritual guidance. St. Augustine’s is very much alive with God’s presence!

Ronald G. Luckey and Holly Shipley

Note: Sarah Tackett's article observed that Episcopalian students (and community members) are no longer able to attend Episcopalian mass at St. Augustine's.

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Steer Clear

The Division of Traffic Engineering will install four-way stop sign controls at the intersection of Kastle Road and Melrose Ave. (not far from the South Ashland Intersection of Confusion) Friday, November 5.

Rake It

Crews and equipment from the divisions of Streets, Roads & Forestry and Parks & Recreation will start neighborhood leaf collection on Monday, November 8. Planners have tentatively set December 31 as the last day but are prepared to continue into January if weather or other delays occur.

Fayette County residents who receive solid waste pick-up service from LFUCG will receive the leaf vacuum service. If you contract with a private refuse company, you need to place the leaves in approved containers for regular pickup on your scheduled days.

Fayette County has been divided into three areas, and the downtown area, bordered by Newtown Road, Loudon Avenue, Winchester Road (out to New Circle), Chinoe, and Pine Street, will be served daily from November 8 to December 31.

Cough It Up

A recent study conducted by UK's College of Public Health reports air pollution is down by 91 percent in indoor environments such as bars and restaurants, since the smoking ban took effect. Many restaurateurs dispute their findings.

Gimme Some Latitude

Latitude with cooperation from Contemp are presenting Make a cable television show for Public Access TV.

E-mail an essay (150 words) about why you wish to create a program by December 15 to

Info, 859/ 806.0195.

To submit an advocacy/activism activity or event for Quickies, email, or

To submit an advocacy/activism activity or event for Quickies, email, or