Nader…No Longer

By Tyson Miller

I remember the first time that I heard Ralph Nader speak as I was in the car listening to public radio in 1997. What he was talking about and his conviction gave me goose bumps. A phenomenon that doesn’t happen too often for me. I was late to my meeting because I wanted to hear who this revolutionary thinker and eloquent speaker was…Ralph Nader. Three syllables that when strung together stood for a world that was fair and just. I supported every virtue that this man espoused. It was almost too good to be true. To hear a vision for society that was long-term, for the people, all inclusive, un-influenced by special interests, and completely and totally sane.

Granted, with a degree in Environmental Studies, I was a bit leftward leaning. To hear a political leader take our watered-down and corporate infiltrated democracy to task was a breath of fresh air. It didn’t matter what the topic was…fair trade, corporate welfare, campaign finance reform, education, environmental responsibility…you name it, Nader scored 100 percent every time for me. Just how often do we hear that voice that reminds us of our potential?

Two years later, Ralph Nader was filling auditoriums with people who wanted something more. Who believed in what he was trying to do.

But, it was during the 2000 campaign that the sweetness of Nader’s ideas began to taste like vinegar. The simple statement that there “was no difference between the two candidates” sounded like an outright miscalculation. Even political rhetoric. It simply was a gross error to say that that one could vote for Gore or Bush and end up with the same result. Ralph is at it again with the same line only a different name. Kerry or Bush. No difference.

Only this time, we have the benefit of hindsight. Let’s look at two straightforward issues: The Iraq War and Environmental Policy (no surprise).

Would Al Gore have led the nation into war with Iraq if he had been president? Would Gore have been responsible for killing four times the number of innocent Iraqi civilians than the total number of U.S. citizens that died in the trade center attack? Would Gore have rolled back the wilderness roadless rule? Would Gore have pushed a tax cut that benefited the wealthiest one percent of America or developed a Healthy Forests Initiative that increased the cutting on National Forests tenfold? Would Gore have allowed increased mercury and arsenic levels in drinking water? These questions could go on for pages and in the interest of keeping it simple, the answer to these questions is “No.” Across the board.

So given that Ralph Nader was wrong then, should I listen to him now? My answer is no.

Despite my respect for what most of Nader’s life work has been about and the need for more than a two party system, my biggest reason for not voting Nader is “What if?”

What if Gore and not Bush was president for the past four years, would there have been a significant difference? Would the world be a safer place? Could the $200 billion that has gone towards the war in Iraq been used instead for schools and creating a renewable energy infrastructure?

Maybe. So now I find myself, like many others, asking why would one vote for Nader after seeing what Bush has done in just four years. With Kerry receiving the highest environmental rating of any senator by the League of Conservation voters, you know where my vote is going. Not just because he has a long-term vision that would go much farther than Bush when it comes to the legacy that we’re leaving behind for our little ones, but because deep down, despite his imperfections, it is as plain as day that Kerry is not the same as Bush. In the same way that an elephant is not the same thing as a fox even though they both have four legs.

At the end of the day, I imagine that if you’re a Nader voter, then it’s about principle for you. You’re sick of an ill system that both parties have helped to create.

But even a principled person has to have the wisdom of good timing and frankly a vote for Nader helps to keep Bush in office.

It’s why Bush supporters have lobbied, under vague acronyms, across the country to ensure that Nader gets a spot on the ballot.

It’s why panelists on Real Time with Bill Maher sunk to their knees and BEGGED Nader to pull out of the race.

Voting for Nader is voting for Bush.

Where’s the principle in that? n

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