Cold October Rain
Sweater Season means Doughnut Season

By Greta Moore

Let’s be honest—mid-October sucks—even for those of you who aren’t dry, cynical, pessimists.

For students, it’s the all too familiar midterm cram period, best characterized by high levels of anxiety, sleeplessness and caffeine induced spasms, and for the rest of the population—those with real jobs and responsibilities—it’s a halfway point between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, making the winter fix of turkey euphoria seem a long way off.

But cheer up. You’ve got Halloween to plan for, meaning you can guiltlessly stuff your face with chocolate for the next couple of weeks for the sake of the children. And sweater season is on the way, so say helloooo to your old buddy Carbs. Yes, amidst this bleak backdrop of rain, rain, rain, mid-October is also the time of year to experience the pure joy of fattening yourself up. Hurray for food! So after large pasta dinners complete with garlic bread soaked in butter, and tall mugs of heavy beer, here are a couple events to beef up your soul.

An important occasion to mark on your calendar is the upcoming HIV/AIDS forum, which will appeal to both your personal and social sense of responsibility. Kentucky’s Global AIDS campaign, along with several other sponsors, is hosting a week long HIV/AIDS forum, AIDS in Africa: Reflection and Interpretation, at the Singletary Center. The event begins on Monday the 25th with an 8 member panel discussion on the South African HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The panel is made up of individuals from all over the world who have actively worked with the HIV/AIDS virus in South Africa, and who have real life experience dealing with the severe consequences of the AIDS epidemic. It provides a much needed educational opportunity in that panel members have extensive knowledge about the subject and a realistic perspective considering this pervasive problem.

The event will discuss the topic of AIDS in Africa and will relate the issues to Kentucky and its communities. The discussion hopes to enlighten those who attend, raise consciousness, and work towards a positive end.

Singletary Center, Monday October 25th, at 7 pm.

If you are strolling about the neighborhood after your carb-feast, or if you decide to check out a book to entertain you through the dreary day, you should drop in on the current exhibit at the downtown public library.

The artist, Nicolas Herrera, is a native Ecuadorian who has created a very original style that is part Cubist, part Rousseau. Very wild. The vibrant paintings prove to mix natural and machine-like qualities and Herrera’s hybrid creatures are not your every day, run of the mill, subjects– spawning from the world of the eclectic and odd. Herrera’s work has been exhibited in prestigious museums and galleries all over the globe, including the Reina Sophia Museum in Madrid Spain. His exhibit is sure to enliven your day and is running in the library gallery through November 7.

So don’t forget, even though colder weather may seem depressing, it is important to remember the bright side.

And the bright side, ladies and gentlemen, sometimes comes in the form of spandex waistbands. n