Sold on Soul
De La comes to The Dame

By Kevin Elliot Reynolds

In 1970, Creedence Clearwater Revival, while in apparent despair of current weather conditions, asked a simple question. As Rock the City hopefuls watched their outdoor rockfest wash away once again Friday night, they too were asking, “Who’ll stop the rain?” If the smell of that cheese does not run you off, maybe you’ll stick around to see what the Lexington music scene has to offer this week. There is plenty in store; including an early ‘90s R&B rap trio with a lot of soul and as much quality local talent a rising music scene can offer.

As many of you know, the second attempt of Z-Rock 103 and the Downtown Lexington Corporation’s Rock the City was canceled due to detrimental, inclement, or piss poor weather, whatever you want to call it.

Although cold rain and the outdoor festival would not mix, the show’s headliners Flaw did play that night in The Verve Concert Hall at Avio to a large crowd of excited, dry fans. This week does not offer any outdoor festivals, though the city’s music halls will be filled with great sounds to soothe your musical Jones. The madness begins Thursday night as The Dame welcomes hip-hop pioneers De La Soul. First hitting the scene in 1989 with the release of their debut album 3 Feet High and Rising, De La Soul were hailed as the future of hip-hop. The Long Island trio blended R&B, funk, pop, jazz, reggae, and clever rhymes with a psychedelic vibe. The group was quickly labeled neo-hippies due to the album’s peace loving lyrics, goofball humor and proclamation of the beginning of “The D.A.I.S.Y. Age” (Da Inner Sound, Y’all). The band offered a welcome alternative to the genre dominated by “hardcore” rappers. Their single, “Me, Myself and I” topped the R&B charts helping the album to do the same and reach #24 on Billboard’s Top 40. De La Soul have released six other albums since their debut, all garnering critical acclaim though poor record sales. The trio’s ever evolving sound trudged through the gansta rap era finally finding their groove in 2000 with the release of Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump, which debuted in the Top 10. The now well-rounded veterans will be playing The Dame Thursday night in support of their latest release, Grind Date. These versatile and introspective musicians promise an eclectic blend of sound that should not be missed.

Do you guys remember the Squirrel Nut Zippers? If not, the Zippers were a poppy jazz swing band that helped lead the comeback of the swing dance phenomenon in the late ‘90s. The Zippers had a very eclectic take on the genre, very alternative, dark swing you might say. Their most notable hit “Hell,” had the country swinging to the tune of a fiery afterlife inferno. The frontman of the Zippers and recent Buddy Guy guitarist and musical director/arranger on two of his albums is none other than Jimbo Mathis. The talented Mathis has worked with numerous blues and jazz musicians across the country and Friday night he will visit Lexington for a performance at The Dame. Go check it out, you may get to hear a little, D and A and the M and the N and the A and the T and the I-O-N. If Jimbo does not interest you, High On Rose will be welcoming one of the city’s greatest female vocalists in Emily Hagihara, or drop by Mia’s to see Bradley Burtner singing all your favorite hits.

The Apparitions are one of Lexington’s most original rock acts. They have a unique and marketable sound that blends late eighties alternative rock, (when alternative was truly alternative), early ‘90s Indie rock and the Emo movement of today. Go see them Friday night and form your own opinion, they will be playing at The Dame with openers The Scourge of the Sea. Should be a great show! Also this Wednesday night, Z-Rock 103 and The Verve Concert Hall at Avio will present NoNPoINT with Skindred. If you love that nu metal sound then you are going to love NoNPoINT, who bring a more melodic and dynamic mix to the genre. Skindred are, unlike many double-headlining tours, not nu metal, but instead bring a hard-core punk, funk and reggae vibe. What better do you have to do on a Wednesday night?

There it is, another week of live music, good friends and good times. Get out and enjoy yourself! Be safe, be responsible and as always…Support Local Music!!!! n