They’re Baaaaack
College Kids Have Returned

By Sarah Tackett

You might have noticed that Lexington has expanded it’s metaphorical waistband—welcoming tens of thousands of university students back into the community. So what if Rose Street is more crowded than a New Delhi circus bizarre on Saturday. Big deal if you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone who self-identifies with Abercrombie, beer, or Greek letters. The more the merrier!

So this article is for the brave few, that dare to chance their weekend off the fraternity porch, and away from Two Keys Tavern. Yes, it’s risky. Let me go ahead and warn you, there will be no keg stands, there will be no funnels, and there will definitely be no streaking (the three college staples of a good party). However, there will be good music, something a college party rarely has to offer.

Let us begin the weekend on Thursday night, because if you are a professional student like myself, you are already aware that scheduling a Friday class is like beginning a race by shooting yourself in the kneecap.

Local talent Emily Hagihara is emerging with a whole new show after her CD release party. She is playing on the Kentucky Theatre’s main stage on Main Street at 9:30pm. Of course she is bringing her acoustic guitar and her sexy voice, but now she has graduated to the electric rock level, therefore she will be plugged in. If you haven’t heard her yet, now is the time to see her locally, before she gets picked up and swept away to the land of fame and fortune.

Hagihara is opening for Born Crosseyed, a Grateful Dead tribute band. They will be playing from around 11pm to 2:30am. Seriously, what kind of Dead tribute would it be if they didn’t play until the bitter end? The show benefits the ALS Association helping those with Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Also this weekend kicks off the annual Roots and Heritage Festival. Friday, September 10th the Carnegie Center in Gratz Park will host an exhibit from 5-9pm. The exhibit will feature the art of Paul Goodnight. Other artists will display their work and there will be items available for purchase.

Later that night Reggae musician Rob Dread will be performing on stage one of the festival. Yes, college students, real live reggae right here in Lexington, allowing you to give that old beat up copy of Legend a rest. Stage one is located at the corner of Elm Street and East Third, and Mr. Dread will begin around 8:15pm. The Roots and Heritage Festival lasts for the next four weeks so be sure to check out there website to see all the events it has to offer,

For the rock kids, the Dame will host Yellowbelt, opened by The Brassknuckle Boys, and new comers City Mouse who just aired their first WRFL show. For those students who prefer clothes that don’t label them as part of some non-existent row team, or tag them with ridiculously tiny moose, for the students who self-identify with Edgar Allen Poe over Jessica Simpson it is time to meet WRFL. 88.1, which has featured uncompromising independents and musical alternatives for years.

Finally for a local frat scene alternative, Alfalfa has a variety gig going Saturday night. Alfalfa, located on Main Street, will host Burton Joyners and John Bacon, playing their guitars from 8-10pm.

Also on Saturday night, Marc Broussard will be playing at The Dame. He’s got the collegiate appeal of Dave Matthews and John Mayer, and would totally make you gag if he didn’t mention Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye as two artists who have profoundly influenced him. Ladies, just in case you were curious, he is also supposed to be totally hot. (I know, we’ll see). His show will begin at 7pm and will be followed by and Elvis Costello tribute, or hootenanny, or whatever they call it. The Dame is also located downtown on Main Street.

In A&E news The Lexington’s Living Arts and Science Center has named a new director. Heather Lyons of the Kentucky Arts Council was voted as the unanimous choice for the position, replacing Marty Henton (director for the past 23 years who plans to stay on and teach). Lyons will begin September 20th. Congratulations to her, and remember, like always, we will be watching you.

So to all the college students, welcome back to Lexington. It’s is nice to be able to again enjoy your wonderful minds, idealistic spirits and voluminous traffic. n