Wild Animals

By Kevin Elliot Reynolds

Vampires, werewolves, zombies, hell spawns,horrifying demons of the night all entangled in the masses with naughty pussy cats, sexy nursesand one gorgeous Catholic school girl, prowling the streets of Lexington this weekend, stalking their targets, lurking in the shadows, waiting for their chance of ambushthe dark doors swing openand the creatures spring into their favorite local clubs packing each house, night after strang "I must be hallucinating" night of this Halloween weekend. The music was extraordinary, and a remarkably talented local band exposed their unique and very marketable and needed sound to a huge audienceand this was only Thursday. What a week it was for Lexington's BOOMing A&E scene.

Last week was one Thursday night to remember.

Local eccentric/genius rock troupe The Apparitions performed to a packed animal house at The Dame. The group's first set featured their rendition of Pink Floyd's Animal album from start to finishand it was, in a word, amazing. The music was right on and four of The Apparitions quintet sang, three singing lead on some songs. This ability to harmonize while plucking each string as immaculately as Roger Waters blew the crowd away. It was as if Floyd was performing here in Lexington in front of a wild herd of various animals. That's right, if you came dressed as an animal, you got in free, so the packed club brought to mind the peyote trip Hunter S. Thompson experienced in a club in Vegas, and described in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (later a movie, with Johnny Depp, who was also in town for Halloween. See page 7). The second set was all original Apparition tunes, which were dark intricately orchestrated songs. A gothic, yet marketable structured jam band, straddling the fence of funk rock.

Other Thursday night highlights included an all out bluegrass jam with The Kentucky String Ticklers featuring members of Green Genes, Dreadnot, Danny and Don and Funktional Harmony at High On Rose. Opening the show was Cory Branon, a Mississippi singer/songwriter whom recently appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman. If you love to witness a great jam session, this multi genre collaboration was the place to be last Thursday.

Vampires, demonic creatures and as hoped, sexy nurses plus a bonus of one beautiful Catholic schoolgirl crawled out of their respective holes Friday night to celebrate the day on which we escape ourselves, Halloween. There was plenty to do around town; parties, concerts,Pimp N' Ho Balls? Well, wherever the night took you, it was sure to be full of Halloween revelers eager to be entertained. These anxious creatures were not disappointed, for the city was full of great national and local acts with plenty of musical fixes for their entertainment jones.

The biggest party of the night had to be the collaboration of Z-Rock 103 and the Continental Inn bringing a Hugh Hefner inspired motif to their extravagant party. From music, exotic costumes and an incredibly impressive laser show, not to mention the nurses, it was all you could hope for in a party, and then some. Z-Rock DJ Fish sure knows how to throw a good shindig, and has showed time and again he cares about our local music scene.

Madness and mayhem was taking place at countless other locals across town, one of those happened to be The Dame, featuring A Night of the Dead with Born Cross Eyed covering the Grateful Dead hits. Just across town A1A hosted the Pimp N' Ho Ball with funk cover specialists the G-Funk All Stars providing the rhythm to all the pimpin' and ho'n that wastaking place?

Lots of things do take place in the shadows on Halloween, but G-Funk delivered a stellar performance, and the costumes were pimp-tacular.

Kentucky's own classic pop-country troupe Exile made a return visit to Lexington's Cadillac Ranch Friday night with regulars Brad Alford and Saddletramp. Exile put together a string of 10 #1 hits in the '80s all of which were co-wrote by Berea native J.P. Pennington, the front man and only original member of a band he started 40 some years ago. The band, which is constantly touring, put on a terrific show to the welcoming audience of their hometown.

SoUPfest X: THE RESSURECTION was all the buzz Saturday. SoUPfest 2003 is the 10th anniversary of the Society of Underground Poets' (SoUP) Poetry and Music Festival held at The Dame, hosted by Charles Whittington. This exhibition of varying art forms originated in Georgetown, KY years ago by a group of young poets, writers, artists and musicians. The SoUP are the masterminds of this now famous event offering spoken word, readings from famous local and national authors and to top it offlive music from such acts as the extremely eclectic one-man-band stylings of the Voo Doo Organist whose sound consists of samples and ethereal sounds overlaying his very original organ melodies. The Organist is also known for his graphic song lyrics and subject matter, and has been known to put on quite an interesting showwhich he did, in his Cajun funk blues way. Another great band that shocked the audience with their hard hitting and catchy new-rock punk sound was The Touched. These guys had great songs and controlled the stage with their captivating rhythms.

Many notable authors and poets spoke at SoUPfest X , especially notable, local beloved Ed McClanahan. With new work to celebrate, the Rose of Bracken County spoke, and the people listened. SoUPfest X was a huge success and seemed to fit its new home at The Dame like a glove. Look for SoUPfest XI coming in the future, and don't miss it.

A1A held a night of pure rock and roll at the Riptides Concert Theater Saturday night while local rock specialists Circle 4 and Spout put on a show of rock force with heavy guitars, great power chord progressions and brilliant song structuring. Both these acts posses traits that give them advantages in today's rock industry; a good look, high energy stage presence and most importantly, a very marketable sound that is ruling the airwaves.

Sowhat does the thriving Lexington A&E scene have in store for you this week? Only more of the same great entertainment that has sparked our scene's growth like Kudzu vine over the past six months. Let it grow, let it grow.

We're doing all we can do to work towards the, albeit distant goal, of conforming Lexington into a music city, a place where all tours will stop. With the progress made in the past half year, that dream seems closer and closer to reality.

Thursday night gets started with a raucous rebel yell followed by some beer chugging, a ride towards UK's Singletary Center for the Arts where numerous beautiful cowgirls in their sexy cowgirl attire along with cowboys and cowboy wannabes congregating for the performance of Eastern Kentucky's own eight-time Grammy award winning country and bluegrass music star Ricky Skaggs, starting at 8pm. Tickets are still available and will set you back only $22.50, a small price to pay to see such a great artist in such an intimate setting.

If you're in the mood for rock, head over to A1A for the Starlight Lounge Live with host Sticky, featuring Circle 4, Dirty Jester and 12v Negative Earth. Only $1 for three bandsthat's hard to beat.

Dave England and his St. James Gate will fill Cheapside with their own spin on new and classic covers.

If you would rather not rock or boot scoot or boogie Thursday night, then The Dame has the perfect evening planned for you. An early show, (7pm) featuring classic blues keyboardist/guitarist/singer /songwriter Ann Rabson. This lady's had the blues for years and few can express them better.

The G-Funk All Stars bring their musical circus to The Dame Friday night as Cincinnati's great up-and-coming R.E.M. meets Tom Petty Americana troupe Pike 27 invades High On Rose. For more of your country kick, stop by the Speedway Lounge and catch Jon Russell and Showdown or see Larry Redmon perform at his club, and since you're in the area, drop in on Dirty Soul who will be performing at Cheapside Friday and Saturday nights.

The Dame will feature A Tribute to Johnny Cash Saturday night featuring local acts performing their renditions of Cash's hits. The night will also help benefit Kentuckians for the Commonwealth. The folk punk ensemble of The Jimmy Carter Experience will open for Cincinnati pop outfit Giant Judy's. Sure to be a show that draws a lot of curiosity.

Eastern Kentucky's premiere rock act Flat Mary Stone will be returning to Richmond's M.F. Hooligan's for a triple bill headlining show Saturday night. If you haven't had the chance to experience these guys live, try them, they will not disappoint. Check them out at for band info, tour dates or to hear samples of their music.

Monday night will feature members of Axis and Dirty Crumb performing Neil Young's Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere. Should be a fun night to relive a classic.

There's also an open mic night with Charlie W. at High On Rose every Monday night, so get out there and showcase your hidden talents.

Visqueen, a trio from the Seattle, WA area will bring heir power rock sound to The Dame Tuesday night with High Water Marks and new local rockers Ready Set Go. Or stop by High On Rose for Club Dub's weekly Tuesday night session.

Plenty of musical decongestant for your stuffed up nasal cavity desires for entertainment. So get out of the house Lexington, a plethora of entertainment is within mere minutes of your couch, and remember as alwaysSupport Local Music! n