Closin' Time
By Kevin Elliot Reynolds

Another week of music has come and gone. But worry not music fans, another week has come (seems as if that happens every seven days or so). So do your homework, study for and pass those tests, sell those cars, prepare those presentations, close those deals, get that promotion, find your woman, find some friends, findalife, oh sorry, talking to myself, and get ready to kick back and relax as plenty of music awaits you this week all across Lexington.

The past week offered plenty of choices for your musical jones, including a trio of raw garage rock Thursday night at The Dame with The Murders, The Crunchies and the American Werewolves. Thursday also featured CD 106.5's Sticky and his Starlight Lounge Live at A1A with C.O. Jones and One King Train, its good to see that train back on its tracks.

Thursday was also the kickoff of the wildly growing Woodstock-ish Terrapin Hill Harvest Festival in Harrodsburg. The festival is dedicated to the family farm, environmental consciousness and a healthy community. The four day event featured workshops, environmental forums and of course, music. Some featured artists included Bob Marley's legendary band The Wailers, jazz/jam extroidanaires Garaj Mahal, the David Grisman Quartet and the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey. Some of Lexington's finest also performed, including Green Genes, Born Cross Eyed, Kuchi Guru and the New Kentucky String Ticklers.

Friday brought a night of head banging rock to The Library Lounge with Filth Porn, Green Theory and Dirty Jester. If you love that heavy metal, that was the place to be. The former emporium is now offering local acts a place to shine-if you haven't been, stop by and check it out.

Other Friday night notables included Parliament style cover masters G-Funk at A1A (warming up for Saturday night at the Library), while original locals The Apparitions performed at The Dame.

Big Fresh, The Elephants and Pezhed made Saturday night memorable at High On Rose with stellar performances, while Jon Russell and Showdown twanged the Speedway Lounge and The Menus rocked the hits at A1A.

Saturday night's highlight was without a doubt a visit by 25 year old prodigious singer/songwriter Erin McKeown at The Dame. McKeown stopped in Lexington in support of her critically acclaimed new album, Grand, on which she played every instrument. Her Bjork meets Sheryl Crow style was refreshing as she sang beautifully orchestrated jazz/pop songs in a riveting performance. Chicago based alternative country artist Kelly Hogan opened the show, a great performer in his own right.

John Scofield made a stop in Lexington Tuesday night to promote his thirteenth and latest album Up All Night, and brought his classic jazz /rock sound to The Dame. He and his incredibly accomplished band put on show to rival any act, truly an entertaining performance.

On a sadder note, it does indeed seem that Starlight Music Club is closing its doors. The venue brought great national acts to town, though for their target demographic the suburban location may have ultimately been too big an obstacle to overcome.

But as one club ends, another is ready to step into the spotlight. For the moment it's Club Heaven, a new 3,700 square ft. music and dance club located at 514 West Short St. in what was formerly a church. Stop by and see what they have to offer.

So, what does the Lexington music scene have in store for you this week? More of the same, of course, starting with raw love it or leave rock by The Fakes and Sol 17 Thursday night at High On Rose.

Or you may opt for Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise at The Dame, this group offers blues covered in Motown soul and baked in straight guitar rock, the definite must see of the week!

You may want to drop by A1A for the Starlight Lounge Live featuring local rockers Triad, or swing by Cheapside to catch Jason England and his band St. James Gate for a mix of cover songs and originals.

Punk rock sensations The Brassknuckle Boys will return to Lexington Friday night with a performance at The Dame with Ready Set Go. Liquid Snafu will play A1A Friday night, while The Deadnecks and Two Cow Garage will jam at High On Rose.

Saturday night will feature "Free the Music" a night of Soul dance music to raise money for the Best of Lex's favorite radio station WRVG.

Also Saturday you can catch Starrunner at High On Rose or 100% Poly at the Library Lounge. Better Off Dead will perform at Cheapside, while Octalux plays A1A.

Be sure to check out Orlando-based Seven Nations Tuesday night at The Dame. The band combines a bagpipe, a fiddle and a guitar in an eclectic mélange of traditional and modern music. Another notable for midweek is the raunchy blues stylings of Haskil Adkins who will make a stop at The Dame Wednesday night.

Don't forget to pick up your tickets to Widespread Panic coming to Rupp on October 26 at any Ticketmaster location, and until next weekSupport Local Music!