Scene Around
Where were you?
By Kevin Elliot Reynolds

Another week of music has come and gone, leaving behind shaken shacks and busted rhymes.

If you were too lazy to get out, opting instead to stay home, drink alone, and cry yourself to sleep in puddles of your own tears because you're bored, have no one to talk to and wish you lived in a larger city where there was something to dothen you may be pathetic, extremely misinformed, possibly an alcoholicand you definitely missed a hell of a week of good times and great music.

Those Legendary Shack Shakers kicked off and became the talk of the week with their Thursday night show at The Dame. Eccentric is hardly the word, and high energy is their lowest setting. They brought with them cowboy hats, acoustic guitars, a stand-up bass and a new Southern Gothic rock n' roll.

Combining traditional Bluegrass with Mississippi Roadhouse blues and heavy hard hitting rock, they gave those in attendance a show to remember and those who missed it something to lie about.

Named "Best Frontman in Nashville" in 2002 by the Nashville Scene, "Colonel" J.D. Wilkes gave a no nonsense, barebacked, love it or leave performance backed by acoustic and at any moment heavily distorted acoustic guitars and heart pounding beats. Wait patiently and keeps your ears to the ground; when these guys return, do not miss them.

Cincinnati's own Over the Rhine traveled a bit south to The Dame to give an impressive and at times melancholy performance Friday night. Depressive in the fact that cloud-textured vocalist Kerin Bergquist sings poetic sometimes tragic lyrics of the trials of love and the hard road towards happiness, if it exists. Each member of this jazz blues ensemble is an extremely accomplished musician, performing structurally sound compositions in their Sheryl Crow meets Norah Jones style. A great show, but one that would be better suited to an amphitheater, with plenty of seats, and room to relax and enjoy the mood altering music.

Other Friday highlights included an exceptional night of blues at the Starlight Music Club provided by the always satisfying Metropolitan Blues All Stars while recurring act The Yonders played High On Rose.

Hip Hop rapper extraordinaire Busta Rhymes made a stop at the Horse Park, of all places, on Saturday to promote his album It Ain't Safe No More.

The outlandish rapper gave a performance that was off the hizzle fo shizzle. Another big act in town that few people seemed to know about.

One thing's for sure, if the folks promoting these national acts don't do a better job publicizing them, then soon there will be no acts willing to come to town to promote.

New regulars on the Lexington scene The Apparitions paid another visit to The Dame Saturday with opening act Kuchi Guru and electrified their growing following, as well as many first timers. Across town at the Starlight Music Club the house was on its feet as the G-Funk All Stars invaded the new venue.

Many great shows await you this week, including local funk rock trio Stego at Cheapside tonight (Wednesday). Another must see is Lexington favorites and kings of the local jam band culture Green Genes. They will help introduce the public to The Library Lounge tonight with another undoubtedly enchanting performance that should increase their fan base even higherno pun intended.

Friday night offers a plethora of shows, with Ash Wednesday at A1A, Barnhouse Effect at The Library Lounge and the double headlining show of Mandorico and Marcia Ball at The Dame.

Saturday brings Louisville's own Chitara Rhythm Section to High On Rose, while classic Lexington rockers Black Cat Bone will be playing across the street at A1A.

One show not to miss is at The Dame on Wednesday the 10th and feature Los Lonely Boys. This self-described Texican music blends Santana-ish blues with the rock blues stylings of Stevie Ray Vaughn. They will be doing an in-store at CD Central at 5pm, then on to The Dame to further promote their new self titled album. A great up-and-coming band (our source, Austin writer Walt Howerton tells us, "They are making it, but just in case they don't, the lead guitarist's wife is still working at the Wal-Mart out in San Angelo. Willie loves 'em and has had them opening for him.") Check them out so you can say,"I saw them when"

Until next week, Support Local Music!