Ignorance Isn't Bliss

Thanks for running the article "Mayberry 2003" – Southern Voices Column by Hal Crowther (7/31/03). [followup to Crowther's "Weapons of Mass Stupidity," Ace July 2003]

It's a shame that the vast majority of American "citizens" seem blissfully ignorant of what has been happening to our rights. The Bill of Rights in the Constitution represents the legal protection of our freedom. To shout the praises of freedom, while gutting the Bill of Rights, should be regarded as criminal.

The framers who helped incorporate the Bill of Rights into the Constitution did so at the behest of the people, who would not ratify the Constitution without them. It was recognized that the majority could become tyrannical, stripping the individual of these "God given" rights. Clear instructions were spelled out as to what it would take to amend the Constitution, judicial interpretation not withstanding.

Laws such as the "Patriot Act," passed in haste with little scrutiny, circumvent the prescribed guidelines for such far-reaching changes. Fortunately, there are Americans who are cognizant of what is taking place in the name of "security," and these Americans see fit to rise up against this tyranny in "sheep's clothing."

Across the political spectrum, aware citizens are saying "NO" to the provisions of this act that undermine our rights. So far, 3 states and 139 cities have passed resolutions or ordinances against certain provisions of the Patriot Act.

Recently, Congress released its report on the performance of Federal agencies and bureaus prior to and on 9/11/01. No where in this report does it indicate that our rights were the problem in inhibiting Federal agencies from doing their jobs.

Personally, I refuse to give up "God Given" rights because Federal agencies are at best, incompetent, and at worse, complicit.

If you would like to help in passing a resolution in Lexington, go to lexbordc.org for more information.

David Fitts

Lexington, KY

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Any Questions?

To All of You Who Voted for KAWC Condemnation:


I have some questions! If you can't answer them consistently, I will assume that you're being blind and emotional about your desires and decisions to condemn. You are asking for local controlbuta better idea already exists in Lexington(even though the headquarters is overseas)local service! Do you want controlor service? I choose service rather than control any ole day!

1. Where will you get the money to pay for the purchase of KAWC? Do I, the taxpayer, have to pay for it? Will my water bills have to increase?

2. How will we get the money to get and keep our police force well- manned, when we presently can't? What about the city bus service? Firefighting services? Aren't you thinking about these things???!

3. What has ever been the problem in the past for having the privately-owned water company, if any? Is there any past track-record of problems with it? Has it yet been a problem having RWE?

4. Could the LFUCG take care of a viral breakout in our reservoir as swiftly and efficiently as the American Water Company did in Milwaukee, Wisconsin? If you're a Doctor, RN, or any sort of health-care person, you'd better think again about this one!

5. Where did you get your information that the majority of the Fayette County residents want condemnation to happen? From college kids who will someday leave the Lexington area who don't care about life around here?... or what??! (The Coalition got its information from stable, well-educated, working Fayette County lifetime adult residents!)

6. Why did you ignore the will of the majority of us who are the actual residents of Lexington and Fayette County?

7. Why did you reject the offer to Jacobson Park and opportunity to improve the parks in Lexington?

8. Don't you all realize that you have court cases to face in the future that you cannot win?

9. Can't you see that resident customers have always been satisfied with KAWC water service? If you have a dispute on that.why haven't you ever brought up a dispute on customer satisfaction?or dispute on service quality?or any record of customer complaintsor something to justify condemnation?!

10. Do you want local controlor do you want local service?


Steve Hayes,
Lexington, KY


Bookin' It

Can you spare a quarter? Then you can buy a book at the International Book Project's Annual 25-Cent Book Sale on Friday, August 8th and Saturday, August 9th from 10am to 4pm at the International Book Project Offices and Warehouse at 1440 Delaware Avenue in Lexington. Proceeds from the sale will help fund the cost of shipping books to developing countries. Rain dates are August 15th and 16th. Info at 859/254-6771.

Everyone Loves a Parade

The Shriners are attempting to hold what could be the biggest parade in Lexington history on Main Street at 11am, Saturday, August 9. The parade will be the climax of the Southeastern Shrine Association convention in Lexington. Approximately 4,000 people are expected to attend the convention, with about 300units participating in the parade, representing Shriners from nine Southeastern states. The parade route will proceed westward from Midland Avenue, down Main Street, and will end at the intersection of Main and Broadway.

From a Mountain to a Molehill?

The Kentuckians for the Commonwealth will hold a pie supper benefit to stop mountaintop removal Saturday, August 9th at 7pm. Mountaintop removal is a particularly devastating form of strip mining that will destroy an estimated additional 600 square miles of land and 1000 miles of streams in the next decade, without additional environmental restrictions. Kentucky author and UK professor Gurney Norman will speak at the event. The benefit will take place at 374 Muir Lane in Scott County, just north of Midway. For directions or more information, contact Roseanne, 859/846-4837. For more info about Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, visit ww.kftc.org.

House and Home

The Bluegrass Trust for Historic Preservation has announced its 2003 Endangered List. The properties in danger are in Fayette County, but also include Scott, Boyle,Casey, and Anderson Counties. Some of the properties in danger include houses on Constitution Street and the Carnahan House. The Endangered List is compiled by the Bluegrass Trust and recommendations from the general public. The List was started in 1999. For more info, check www.bluegrasstrust.org, or call 859/ 253-0362.

Make It A Clean Sweep

The annual Kentucky River Clean Sweep has been rescheduled for Saturday, August 9 from 9am to 2:30pm. Volunteers will be cleaning a 12-mile stretch along the Kentucky River bordering Fayette County. Volunteers are still needed. There will be free food and prizes. For registration information call (859) 425-2255.

Long In the Tooth

The sweet tooth is becoming a real problem for Kentucky's children. Tooth decay has become the most common chronic childhood disease in Kenucky. (Poor dental care is also linked with other longterm risks, such as poor cardiac health.) To help combat this program the Kentucky Dental Association will have an educational booth set up during the Kentucky State Fair August 14 – 24, from 9am to 9pm. Info, Melissa Nathanson with the KDA at 800/ 292-1855.

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