You say Davy, I say Danny

By now I imagine-or at least hope-you've received a ton of mail about this one. Last I looked, Daniel Boone died in Missouri. Davy Crockett got it in Texas. Perhaps the root of your writer's and copy editor's shared mistake can be traced to the fact that, before he got into real estate, Fess Parker played both Davy and Daniel in the movies. Don't you hate it when those images get stuck in your head?

Greg Guenthner

Response: If for no other reason than Silas House's recent Ace essay as to why the Daniel Boone parkway should retain its name, everyone here should be well versed in Boone-lore. In tracing the origins of how that made it into print, we rounded up all the interns and had them shot. Then we etched "Remember the Alamo" on their headstones. Hey, internships are all about learning, and sometimes, these lessons come at a grave cost (no pun intended). The Fess Parker explanation seems as plausible as any to us.

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Use it or Lose it

Who let 'em in the club?

Did you make 'em pay?

Who let 'em on the stage?

Who's lettin 'em play?.

We're Here,

We ain't goin' nowhere.

We're movin' right next door to you

-Body Count, "There Goes the Neighborhood"

As we've pointed out on many an occasion, if everyone who wept openly over the demise of the Wrocklage had actually patronized it regularly and faithfully, the place would never have gone under.

Until recently, all Lexington music lovers have suffered to one degree or another over the absence of longtime mainstays like the Wrocklage and Lynagh's (along with smaller venues like JDI where new local bands could make the transitional step on the path from Mom's garage to larger shows).

Mercifully, that's all changed-most notably with the arrival of the Dame and Starlight (throwing in the shout-out due to perennials like A1A, High on Rose, Cheapside and others who've also kept the home fires burning during the drought-as have series like Woodsongs, Troubadour, Heart of Rupp Arena, Summer Sounds, Thursday Night Live, UK-Student Activities Board, Third I and other programming; all have done their fair share to keep music alive in this town).

Now it's time to put our money where our mouth is.

Anyone who saw Ice-T and Body Count at Starlight last Wednesday can testify.
Body Count’s ‘Executioner’ politely paused mid-riff for this photo op

Yes, the Club had to delay their opening, but Ice-T's performance made it abundantly clear that it's been well worth the wait.

Backed by Body Count, in a set that lasted just under an hour, he still put on one of the most charismatic (remarkably uncensored) shows ever seen by a Lexington ...crowd (using the term loosely).

To see all that energy spent so vigorously on such a low turnout (Ice initially characterized the pit as a "couple fat guys bumping into each other") was nothing short of heartbreaking.

It may go down in history as the greatest show no one saw.

It's fair to say he didn't arrive with a positive opinion of the bluegrass state, and the sparseness of the audience did nothing to improve his attitude (though after a few minutes cold lampin' with the small assemblage, he eventually turned the intimacy of the group to his advantage as any performer of his magnitude would).

But where was everybody?

Geneve tells the haters to step off his Graphic Dizzle fo’ shizzle, bizzle

(click to enlarge).
Yes, summers are slow around here. Yes, it was a weeknight.

But any time you get a chance to see a legend for under $20 bucks, you don't stay home for a West Wing rerun so you can get up early for work the next day.

Ice might not live long enough to come around again (Body Count's already lost a drummer to leukemia and a bass player to violence) even if he were so inclined (and that really doesn't seem likely).

The only person we know of who had a truly legitimate excuse for missing the show was Ace music editor alum, Chris Webb, who was out of town, but emailed this dispatch, "You know I'd go if I could. Me and Ice go way back. We used to steal pretzel rods and ten cent milks from the cafeteria at Mary Queen all the time. That's before I got into hair metal bands and we parted ways. But he did put on a wicked display at the seventh grade talent show!"

... So by Friday night, we all expected to see a PACKED house for the Waco Brothers at the Dame. They haven't been around these parts for years; everybody loves the Mekons; they're supporting a superb new CD, New Deal. And their live shows are justifiably famous (see also, Mekons). Even the opening band, Honkygrass, was strong. AND they were playing on a weekend. And though the audience was by no means spare, it should have been wall to wall.

Saturday's show by the Metropolitan Blues All-Stars on the courthouse lawn at Cheapside certainly was. Granted, it was free. Granted, it was over by 9 pm (allowing everyone to be in bed by 10), and yes, it was great to enjoy these local vets in an outdoor family atmosphere.

But if music is going to live and breathe in this town, the clubs need our support. They need our cover charges. And by God, they need us to drink (after first designating a driver to maintain sobriety for the evening). They need us to buy cigarettes and smoke (until October) and most of all, they need us to SHOW UP.

Yes, the Wrocklage and Lynagh's were institutions; yes we mourn them - but much has been resurrected from those ashes.

The only real difference is, this time around, the restrooms are cleaner.

God love 'em!!!



Down in a Hole

An audit by the state has discovered that hackers have found a hole in computer security at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. So what are the hackers doing? They are using the state computers to save, distribute, and view stolen copies of music and movies in French. Yes, French. The hackers have had access since April of this year. But, nobody at the Transportation Cabinet is positive that the hackers haven't accessed personal information. Although, driver's license and registration information is stored in another server at another location.

The audit also revealed six thousand hits to porn sites in a four-day test period. Any and all information and evidence has been sent to Kentucky's Attorney General and the U.S. Attorney's office in Lexington.

Mended Fences

The Wolf Run Refuge is home to 65 sick or injured animals. But as of late, their deer paddock needs to be refurbished with new fencing. Attempts at repairs have been stalled as emergencies during the year took precedence and precluded the necessary funding. The time has now drawn nigh, as the state has given them a few weeks time to make the requisite changes or have all their deer put down. Staff members are hopeful that good samaritans will donate fencing and posts, and volunteers will help build and repair the fences. If you can help, contact the refuge at 859/ 887-2256.

This New House

Lexington Habitat for Humanity, along with James N. Gray company, and the LFUCG Planning Office, is issuing its Infill Design Handbook. The purpose of the book is help address the problems of an increasing population and their housing needs, and infill development (renovations and building in established neighborhoods). The book will be available Thursday, July 31 at 1:30 on the fourth floor of the James N. Gray Company building located at 10 Quality Street.

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