All you Clintonites do is take, take, take, and whine, whine, whine. I make less than $50,000 a year, but for some reason you think I should pay a higher percentage of tax on each dollar I earn than someone who makes less should pay on each dollar they earn. A dollar is a dollar [Cover Story, Jun 26].

The fact that I busted my butt to graduate from high school, get a college degree, and get a higher-paying job than my neighbor shouldn't be reason to allow me to take home less of each dollar I earn than he takes home of each dollar he earns.

The fact that I bust my butt working a second job whenever I have extra bills to pay shouldn't cause me to have to pay higher taxes than he does. I'm already paying higher taxes than he does, simply because I'm paying on more dollars than he does.

And why should I have to pay more taxes to support the "children of the poor working families?" Why didn't they do the same thing I did and wait until they could afford to raise their own children-now there's a novel concept!

Elizabeth C. Smith

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Cashed Out
By Stephen Gearon

When I watched the news last Monday and some reporter let it go that the Urban County Council was giving itself a 7.7 percent raise, I felt exactly like I did when I found out my ex-wife was having an affair. Angry, hurt, and vengeful.

The city has told me for God knows how long that there's no money for raises for police, fire fighters, or even the sanitation workers. No money for Rupp (as if I care). No money for a new Bryan Station High School. No money to save Russell Cave Elementary. Everyone has to tighten their belts. I've heard so much about the water company I tremble at the sound of the tap. Not to mention the smoking ban.

The idea seems to be to throw out so many issues that the people will never see the dagger being buried in their back until it's too late. It's called a smokescreen. I call it just plain cheating.

I read a quote from the Mayor during the water company debate.

She said it was all about the money. She sure wasn't saying that during the election when everyone found out she didn't pay her bills. Or when the sanitation workers wanted more than poverty-level wages. I mean, I really find it hard to believe that the whole city of Lexington didn't rise up and stage a coup the day the news leaked about the raises. I say leaked because they sure weren't volunteering the information.

They turned down a motion to waive the raises altogether (which happened during Miller's administration). Another motion to put the raises in line with those of other city employees was withdrawn because the council "was told" that, factoring in past calculations, their raises weren't much better than the raises for city employees. Let's see: 7.7 percent versus 1.5 percent. Which is bigger? I need to find the guy who told them that. Does saying it make it fact?

Councilman George Brown said that foregoing the raise would be "absolutely insane." Really George? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. Like sending council members back year after year to throw up smokescreens, line theirpockets, and employ friends and relatives.

Some of the council ran for cover, saying they would give up their raises. The Mayor 'voluntarily' gave up most of hers. Well, she had to write a check back to the General Fund. Okay, okay. She didn't do anything until she got caught.

So here's the deal. DO NOT trust the media. This story broke last Monday night on television, and there wasn't even a mention of it until Wednesday in the paper.

The daily newspaper was filled with water company woes and smoking ban editorials. Even the newsweekly made no mention of it.


DO NOT re-elect any of the politicians currently serving, from the Mayor on down. They've done enough damage.

We're broke and they are giving themselves raises and buying water companies. When they 'plug in' the wrong numbers on your water bill, they are going to bring out that guy who tells people things, and we'll all be paying two hundred dollars a month for water. That's after they gut Kentucky-Americans' work force and give all their friends and relatives jobs.

A city that can't clean up its own tree limbs certainly can't run a water company anyway. Most of all, remember the definition of insanity.

If we keep electing the same type of people, they are gonna keep cheating on us.

[The council and mayor's cost-of-living adjustments went up by about 1.7 percent retroactive to Jan. 1st. Add that with back pay due to an accounting error, and some council salaries rose nearly $2000 annually.]


Cool in the Pool

Starting now, all city pools will be open seven days a week, through August 3rd . The only exception is the pool at Woodland Park, which will remain open until August 17th. Most pools are open 10am-8pm Monday through Saturday, and 1pm-8pm on Sunday. Info, 288-2900.

Lights Out! It's Official

The Urban County Council voted Tuesday 11-3 to enact the first smoking ban in Kentucky, prohibiting smoking in most public places, with a few exceptions. The ban is set to go into effect in 90 days. Many restaurant and bar owners may fight the smoking ban in court.

Water falls

The Council also voted Tuesday 9-6 to begin condemnation proceedings against the Kentucky-American Water Company. The vote allows city lawyers to force the company's hand. The first step in the process will be to file a petition for condemnation.

Float for a Cure

The Mayor's Task Force Against Breast Cancer is sponsoring a float for the Fourth of July parade. But, people are needed to walk beside the float in the parade. Cancer survivors, supporters, and family members are urged to come out. Anyone interested should meet at Main and Midland on Friday, July 4th at 12:45pm to line up for the parade. Anyone interested in decorating the float should meet at 518 E. Main St. on July 3rd from 3-5pm. Info, call 276-2950.

Free to talk

Alltel and the union repres-enting the striking workers will resume negotiations Wednesday, July 9th. The two are at odds over the rising costs of health insurance coverage.

Looking ahead

There will be a police auction, Saturday, July 12, at 10am. The auction will be held at the Fire Training Center, located at 1375 Old Frankfort Pike. Items for sale will include bicycles, jewelry, stereos, televisions, and other equipment.

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