Watch Your Language

The most unfortunate thing about the continuing campaign against buying the water company is the super charged language Kentucky-American uses. "Government takeover" puts our local government in the same hemisphere as the "evil empire."

Never mind that we the people are the government. When we hoist the flag and think America, aren't we espousing the virtues of our government and the freedoms it affords us?

In fact government is the only route we have to a clean environment, safe neighborhoods, good roads, universal education, libraries, public parks, etc. I suggest that the water company change its name. I see nothing American about its campaign.

Instead of digging its feet in and waging an ugly, and long drawn-out battle against the government, it should set a fair price for the company and offer to sell it to us...the citizens of Lexington.

Sid Webb


The article "Family Matters" [cover story, May 1]
showed the Fayette Family Court will receive more cases than previosuly dealt with by the Circuit Court. With "So Many Cases, So Little Time" increased use of Mediation as a proven, successful procedure, becomes more important.

I fear the public knows little about Mediation; how it has helped families, particularly divorcing couples. Mediation may begin as soon as 7-10 days after the parties decide to proceed. A mediator meets with parties in a comfortable setting, facilitates discussion, and keeps discussions headed toward dispute resolution. It is cost-effective, the parties author their own fate, and the mediated settlement almost always results in less post-divorce court intervention than litigated cases.

Proposed Mediation Rules have been submitted to our Family Court Judges and await decision of whether, how and when to implement them. I have heard such rules are low on the Court's agenda. That's a shame, for most of the state's family courts have already instituted rules setting out an explanation of the process, easy-to-use procedures, and competency requirements for family court mediators.

More couples are learning about this alternative and employing it before they file their divorce. When a couple resolves all issues they may then go to Court with an uncontested divorce; one that takes much less time and expense to process through the legal system. Mediation not only is an important service available to the public, but if utilized more by our Courts, will help relieve some of the anticipated time constraint problems.

Roland P. Merkel
Attorney and Mediator
Past President - Mediation Association of Kentucky

"Desperately Seeking Justice"

I am writing you to let you know what is going on with Ace Magazine. Last year your newspaper did "Best of Lexington."

The staff running this VOTE have been taking bribes from local business to make sure that certain business and people made this list for Best Of Lexington. We have receipts and personal statements from your staff members from last year.

The Lexington Herald Leader is interested in looking into this as a cover story for this coming year when the next Best of LEX comes out and to see if your newspaper has changed its way it runs the "VOTE." It is my feeling if your newspaper cannot collect and count the votes without people cheating to make people win or business to win that you show not have it at all. We have people inside your company that will be reporting what is going on this year.

I hope by me bring this to your attention that you will take care of this matter. This coming year we will have our people watching and counting the people that actually vote and how many are allowed to stuff the ballot box. Allowing business and others certain people to persuade voters to vote for them is not right.

Desperately seeking justice,

"Erik" at aol

We don't normally print anonymous mail, but to clear up a few misconceptions:

1. It's Ace Weekly, not Ace Magazine.

2. The Ace staff doesn't "run" the vote, the readers do.

3. Multiple interns record the votes. Those are then checked by multiple staff members. Anyone who "bribed" an intern or staff member for a victory certainly wasted his or her money. No one in the Ace office is capable of delivering a victory to anyone. So please, everybody, save your money.

4.. "Stuffers" are discarded (multiple ballots that arrive with identical signatures and identical voting patterns are just one example). They have been for years. Their devious machinations are the reason online voting was discontinued.

5. Various businesses and establishments have been known to encourage their satisfied customers and clients to VOTE. It's a thoroughly ethical part of the Democracy Whiskey Sexy society we all live in.

6. We have been contacted by the Lexington Herald-Leader for comment on the Best of Lex winners on a few occasions; for example, one of their sports columnists called the year Tubby Smith swept several categories. It was a jovial conversation, and no allegations of bribery or impropriety surfaced during the discussion, or in their subsequent report.

7. How many people can we anticipate being placed "inside the company"? We will need to know so that we can add them to the Wednesday production lunch order. Sometimes, we run out.

We welcome any and all assistance "watching and counting" a representative sampling of the 50,000+ readers who may exercise their right to vote in the Best of Lex, beginning July 31, and continuing through Labor Day.

Disgruntled conspiracy theorists may submit their research to Assistant Editor, Rob Kirkland. He's in charge of chads.

Letters Policy: Ace LOVES to publish our mail (250 words or less please); please include name and daytime phone. No photocopies. No bulk mail. First come, first served. We may edit for space and grammar; we will limit frequency; and, on popular issues, we may print one or two letters to represent a segment of public opinion. Private correspondence should be labeled “NOT FOR PUBLICATION.”

Mail: 486 West Second St , Lexington, Ky 40507

De 'tails'

String instruments rely on horsehair in the bow. The Philharmonic's "Horsetails" project unites horse and music with area artists, who've taken the bow, horsehair, and violin forms to create art (incorporating horse hair from some of Kentucky's most famous equine personalities).

The art will be auctioned May 8, 2003 at Fasig-Tipton. Benefiting the Philharmonic.

Critical Mass

Critical mass is a short bike ride through the streets of Lexington, aimed at encouraging bike traffic, promoting safety, and reminding drivers to share the road and be aware of cyclists.

Cyclists meet every Friday at 5:30 at Woodland Park (parking lot) and ride from there. Wear your helmet. Rides are usually completed by 6.

To join the email list for Critical Mass, email gib4683@aol.com.


On Saturday and Sunday from noon till 6, Third Street Stuff is hosting art under a tent. Make art and buy art. With Isabel DeCamargo, Todd Hiatt and Katelin Kelly all bringing their art and helping you make art.

This weekend is Mayfest downtown. See the Ace list for more details.


Horses and riders from all over the Kentucky area will compete for top honors in the equestrian sport known as eventing at the Sayre School Horse Trials in Lexington, on May 10th.

An Olympic sport since 1912, eventing is best described as an equestrian triathlon. There are three phases: dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. The Sayre School Combined Test will include only the dressage and show jumping phases. Info, 859-293-0810 – Jocelyn Hill Dickson.

Health Tax

Lex's proposed health tax will be voted on by the Board of Health at the Health Department on Monday May 12. The tax would still require approval by LFUCG and the state.

Public Hearing

There will be a public hearing on the mayor's proposed budget, Thursday May 15, at 5:30 at the Government Center. (Proposed taxes by LexTran, Parks and Rec, and the Health Dept will be up for discussion.)

To submit an advocacy/activism activity or event for Quickies, email rkirkland@aceweekly.com, or editor@aceweekly.com.