Stay Home!

Know what these idiots do when Lexington is covered in snow and ice? They try to drive to work! That is absolutely insane. You may be a better driver than Mario Andretti, but one yahoo among the other 100,000 will bung the whole mess. What do they imagine they're going to get? Another day's pay? Well, one good bang, and you could have stayed home for free-instead of taking off from work gawd knows how often for court, and possibly paying higher insurance premiums.

My awakening finally came 20-some years ago while I was a PR flak for DOT. As usual, I tore out of the door and sped off to work, road-ice be damned. Half a mile later, what should appear just over a little hill, but glare ice! Controlled only by momentum and gravity, the truck slid to the bottom and into the ditchline. I got out and saw that Rocinante was OK, when over the hill came another car, which found the same ice patch and ditched alongside Rocinante. Then another car, then another car. They crashed into the first one, and into each other, in I-formation, and were immobile.

Rocinante was not, so we turned tail and went home. Back over the hill, traffic was backed up and everybody wanted to know why. I told them and said "Forget it. Go home." One driver wailed "But I've GOT to get to work!" I replied "You don't sound like you make enough money money in a day to buy another car."

I try to me mindful of a point at which I'd be paying to go to work, which is supposed to be the other way round.

Bruce Williams


Season's Meanings


I was really moved by the story about your dad and the way he left the Christmas presents in the middle of the night. It was a timely reminder that the giving isn't about our egos but the needs of others.Thanks.

Joe Cinquina

Everybody sing along ! "Later on we'll perspire/As we stare at the fire/And face so afraid/The bills left unpaid/Shopping in a Winter Wonderland."

Darryl Weaver

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Farmers' Market Goes Indoors

The Lexington Farmers' Market has moved indoors for the winter months. Farmers' market vendors will have booths in the Victorian Square plaza located downtown at the corner of Broadway and Main Streets. Free parking is available in the Victorian Square Parking Garage located off of Short Street and access to the farmers' market is found through the covered skywalk from the garage to the shopping area.

A few good horsemen

The Lexington Horsemen will begin to assemble its 2003 roster by holding an open tryout on Saturday, December 14, at Sports Blast, located at 404 Sporting Court, in Lexington. Sports Blast will be the team's official practice facility.

Tryouts for all offensive and defensive linemen will begin with registration at 9:15am Tryouts will last until 1:00pm.

Running backs, receivers, linebackers, defensive backs, and quarterbacks will begin with registration at 1:15pm Tryouts will last until 5:00pm.

Kickers will hold a separate tryout at Lexington Catholic High School Football Stadium with registration beginning at 7:30am, and tryouts ending by 9:15am.

All interested players must be at least 19-years-old and should pre-register by coming to the Lexington Horsemen offices located in the Lexington Civic Center at 410 W. Vine Street, Suite 103, or by pre-registering online at www.lexingtonhorsemen.com. For those who pre-register, the tryout fee is $50.00, payable only by cash, Visa, MasterCard, certified check, or money order. No personal checks are accepted. Players can pre-register until Thursday, December 13. For those who do not pre-register, the tryout fee will be $60.00 at the door, with the same method of payment as stated above.

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