Come On Over

I was disturbed in reading a recent article in Ace that featured a "self-appointed" poet laureate, named Mr. Frank Walker, and his unresolved issue with one of Kentucky's more unfortunate and politically incorrect lyrics to the original version of My Old Kentucky Home. [Cover Story, by Frank X Walker, November 21]

The subject of race is difficult to discuss because of the emotions and impatience that often results. However, since moving back to Kentucky and having accepted Christ in my life, I strongly recommend that anyone with any inkling of influence, that wishes to harp on some of history's more shameful moments, ought to reconsider; focus on the positive instead of the negative. This world is a better place. Christ's love should heal all wounds. It is incumbent upon followers to embrace His love by exhibiting forgiveness, openness-not revenge.

I love the state of Kentucky and its people beyond words. I love the lyrics to "My Old Kentucky Home" because of what it inspires, not for what it once was. We have the capacity for such greatness, however, we also have the power to destroy. The latter is included in His will-by giving us the power to choose-but it isn't His plan.

Do you want to see love and hope? Christianity is being put to the test, in this war against terror, and we all need to do a better job of uplifting one another instead of reflecting on an 1853 song or some other judgment in error, which divides us.

Just like one vote can make a difference so can you.

Craig Coleman

Winchester, Kentucky

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Prayer Ceremony

The Islamic Society of Central Kentucky is hosting a Holiday Celebration to commemorate Eid el-Fitr, which marks the end of the Holy month of Ramadan. The celebration will be held at the Lexington Civic Center, Heritage Hall from 7:30am to 10:30am. Thousands of Muslims from around Central Kentucky will be gathering to observe the prayer and ceremonies in honor of the two major holidays of the Islamic Calender year. The Eid will be held on Thursday, December 5. Go to ISCK website, http://www.isck.org for more information on the Eid Program.

Public Participation Plan

The Lexington Area Metro-politan Planning Organization (MPO) is now accepting public comments on how to improve its Public Participation Plan and outreach for transportation planning. Citizens can obtain information about the plan at the Senior Citizens Center in Lexington and Nicholasville beginning December 9. Featured will be displays of a draft of the Transportation Public Participation Plan, draft brochure on the public involvement process, survey results report, summaries of previously written comments and comment forms. For more information, email Andrea Schoninger at andreas@lfucg.com or call 859/258-3160.


Central Kentucky Council for Peace and Justice, in partnership with PEACE, will be holding a Candlelight Walk for Peace, to solemnly oppose a US attack on Iraq, on Tuesday, December 10. The walk will be held on Human Rights Day, which marks the anniversary of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Starting at 4 p.m. there will be a vigil on the sidewalk at Triangle Park. At 5:30pm everyone will light a candle and walk to Fellowship Hall at Central Christian Church, on the corner of Short and M.L. King. After the walk, at 6pm, there will be hot cider, songs, and two speakers, Preeti Aroon and Geoff Young. Those attending are asked to bring a candle or sign. For more information contact Paul Tremblay at phthenry@earthlink.net, or 268-3199, or visit www.geocities.com/nowaragainstiraq. There will also be a group of Transylvania University students who will be fasting Tuesday until after the candlelight walk. Participants will be wearing tags that list reasons why war with Iraq is a bad idea. Anyone interested in a tag can contact Kelly Ball at kball@transy.edu.

Burden of Proof

Ace editor, Rhonda Reeves, appeared before district court earlier this week on a charge of wanton endangerment. At this preliminary hearing, the matter was transferred to the misdemeanor court docket, and scheduled for next year.

Reeves and her attorney will have no further comment until the legal proceedings have concluded, other than to reiterate that the charge is unfounded.

Ace will print a thorough account when the matter is concluded.

Food for Thought

ALLTEL, in partnership with God's Pantry Food Bank, is currently collecting food as part of ALLTEL's Call for Food Campaign. All donations will be distributed to children and adults in the Lexington area. Individuals can donate non-perishable food items through Friday, December 20 at either ALLTEL Lexington retail store: 3725 Nicholasville Rd. in Regency Center, or 151 M.L. King Blvd. Individuals who donate two non-perishable food items will receive a 10-minute long distance ALLTEL phone card. For additional information contact Kathy Goss at kathy.goss@alltel.com or Alissa Sauflcy at Alissa@godspantry.org.

To submit an advocacy/activism activity or event for Quickies, email rkirkland@aceweekly.com, or editor@aceweekly.com.