Second that Rant

I must say, after reading "A Modest Proposal-Rant from an angry citizen" [cover, October 17] I wanted to nominate Stephen Gearon as a write-in candidate for mayor.

Mr. Gearon said what many people feel. Lexington is like a runaway train; out of control with passengers who are clueless, helpless, or apathetic and conductors too self involved to care if they wreck the train as long as they get out of it with their share and then some. Instead of spending money on a consultant to plead their case in buying KAWC, why didn't LFCUG use these funds to give the police, firemen, and sanitation workers a much needed and well-deserved raise? Instead of letting developers destroy the Bluegrass with oversized, mediocre-built houses that are so close together you can hear your neighbor sneeze, why don't they provide incentives to build and revitalize the downtown?

Mr. Gearon made valid points that those who live in Lexington and are paying attention already know.

There are many people who really care about this now fading, once lovely area, who are aware of this mess and concerned about the future of Lexington.

Unfortunately most shake their heads and say "what a shame" instead of taking a stand to stop the madness.

Annette Hook

Mayor's Race

In a depressing scenario that can only be described as "the worst of politics" unfolds in Lexington's Mayoral race, you can't help but wonder, what wouldn't Scott Crosbie do to get elected? It's obvious that he is the worst kind of panderer, from the "open me up an office on the Northside, so I can be near my people" to the Sunday school mentality of censoring "dirty movies."

And what in the world do Central Kentucky's vocal minority of conservatives have to say about their favorite punching bag The Herald-Leader now? The paper lobbies to open divorce court records under the guise of news, all because someone from the Crosbie's camp is filling their ears. It's very sad for Jim Lowry and Isaac, although Lowry seems to support Isaac's opponent. Isaac may be far from perfect in her personal life, but the last time I checked, your personal life and your public job shouldn't pal around together anyway. Can she do a better job at being Lexington's Mayor than Crosbie, of course she can. He's a young Republican "punk" for lack of a better term, determined to bully his way into office. But it's not an office he really wants, it's just so he can seem "electable" to his mentor Mitch McConnell and the rest of Kentucky's 'publicans. Mitch, himself, another grandstanding Republican whose timing was everything in his rise to public office and in my opinion is an embarrassment to this state.

These guys are politicians, nothing more, they want control, they hide behind the typical election propaganda of "family values," "good schools," "less traffic," and every other clichéd thing that their overpaid PR firms load them up with. I don't want my City Council ran like a Wednesday night prayer meeting, nor do I wish to elect a person whose awaiting his call to the next tier of state politics.

We should give the job to Isaac, she's earned her stripes in this city, Crosbie has tried to buy his. I've said this since he announced his candidacy, Vote Against Crosbie.

Larry Joe Treadway


It's time to elect a U.S. Congressman who will stand behind his platform. A country gentleman, committed to making those who elect him proud.

One who will fight to limit "soft" money that pollutes local, state, and national elections. One committed to protecting the social security system, improving homeland security, supporting the patients' bill of rights, working to protect Medicare and Medicaid and one of the first to speak out against the sale of Kentucky-American Water Company.

If you want a genuine representative in Washington, Gatewood Galbraith, a cutting edge intellectual, with a solid grasp on reality, is your man. He's not just an independent, he's of the people.

He will work for better health care, a real prescription drug benefit for senior citizens, and protection of social security. A voice who will stand eyeball to eyeball to anyone in Washington who tries to dismantle the rights and protections our founding fathers saw fit to guarantee. A person who actually wants the job. We've got a chance to make history.


Danny Pigman


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Free range coffee anyone?

The Good Foods Co-op is hosting a discussion on free trade coffee, Thursday, October 24 from 6-7pm. Nicaraguan coffee co-op leaders Porfirio Zepeda and Elim Blandon as well as representatives from Equal Exchange will be on hand to speak about fair trade coffee and the current crisis due to low prices of coffee.


Confused about water?

Attend the next Council Meeting. 7:00 pm Thursday, October 24 Government Building, 140 E. Main St. Lexington.

On October 8, the Urban County Council approved hiring a consultant to assess the cost of Kentucky American Water Company.

At press, the Urban County Council was scheduled to vote on October 24th on amending the city budget to allocate $108,000 to hire this consultant.

Attend the LFUCG meeting to hear more from all sides on the issue.

Make a Difference

Saturday, October 26 is National "Make a Difference Day." Local Krogers and Wal-Marts will be accepting canned goods for food banks. You may also call First Link of the Bluegrass (313-LINK) to be matched up with a non-profit that needs volunteers.

For Art's Sake

The Singletary Center and the Kentucky Arts Council are hosting a young professional's forum on Tuesday, October 29, at the Downtown Arts Center from 5-8 pm. Various arts organizations will be represented, and attendees will have a chance to be heard on what they want to see in Lexington's arts programming. (The forum includes a beer tasting, food, and live entertainment.)

Pett to Speak

Joel Pett, Pulitzer prize-winning editorial cartoonist for the Lexington Herald-Leader, will present a program of thought-provoking satire Wednesday, October 30, at 7:30 p.m. in Room 242 of the Classroom Building on the University of Kentucky campus. Pett's appearance is sponsored by UK's Amnesty International group on behalf of the Bluegrass Adopt-A-Minefield Campaign which is endeavoring to raise $28,252 to clear a minefield site in Mozambique. Info, Central KY Council for Peace & Justice www.peaceandjusticeky.org/

Coffee and candidates

WVLK will host an audio debate with mayoral candidates Teresa Isaac and Scott Crosbie at Joseph-Beth Booksellers Wednesday October 30, 2002 at 7:00 pm.

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