Kentucky Does Harvest Right
Jam packed
By Shaun McKendry

“No, really. The sample portions are this big.”

Most would bet that it's safe to say a great chef would never give away his famous recipes. However, this fall Third I Productions will lay it all out on the table and contradict the prior by presenting the annual Terrapin Hill Harvest Festival. Where's the connection? The only Kentucky festival of its kind; Terrapin Hill Harvest Festival is three days of the best in music, locally produced fresh food, artisans, grassroots activism, and camping.

Since 1995, hundreds of musicians have played at Terrapin Hill Farm. Ranging from The David Grisman Quintet and The Yonder Mountain String Band to The North Mississippi All-Stars, and Merl Saunders, this festival has seen a variety of music and genres over the years.

Third I plans to add a few ingredients that will spice things up a bit from last year. Terrapin Hill Harvest Festival will again offer a wide variety of music that ranges from jazz, to rock-n-roll, to jamgrass, to blues, and everything in-between-not to mention with the nations' elite in creative improvisation. However, this year they have added a third day of music on Sunday that will include longtime mandolin master Sam Bush.

The first night will headline two of the nations' most talented musicians in jamband music. One-man band Keller Williams will add in his creative flavor, stirring in numerous covers, originals and mouth jams that embody his powerful musical repertoire. Karl Denson's Tiny Universe will follow them with an entourage of raunchy funk and jazzy dance tunes, not to mention heightened by the technical brilliance and originality of the tenor sax and flute superstar.

The next night will first see Dark Star Orchestra entertain the masses with a tight package of covering an entire Grateful Dead show. Any year, any date, DSO is enough to make someone do a double take at who they're really looking at. As the first band takes the listener back into time, the next attempts to send them the other way. DJ Logic, another one-man band, will bring his musical improvisation and contributions to the late night show on the second stage. A master of the turntables, he has sat in with a number of very talented musicians that range from Medeski, Martin and Wood to Widespread Panic. Nonetheless, his shows always include the representation of funk, jazz, hip-hop and electronic music.

But there's still more

Sunday will mark the first annual Heritage Day at Terrapin Hill Farm. Taking Kentucky back to its roots, the last day of entertainment will include the likes of some Bluegrass music greats. The Sam Bush Band will man the main stage, while Single Malt Band and The New Kentucky String Ticklers take the side stage.

Each night, local phenomenon Born Cross-Eyed, Green Genes, Sativa Gumbo, and Club Dub will filter the early morning air and follow the headliners on the side stage. Word has it that jams go to nearly 4:00am, leaving the late night freaks with loads of Central Kentucky flavor to keep them occupied.

Terrapin Hill Farm is a 350-acre certified organic farm located just west of Harrodsburg, Kentucky, along the Chaplin River. Owned and operated by Pete and Brenda Cashel, the farm makes an effort to work with the balance of nature, rather than to control it. Dedicated to the small farmer, the festival will showcase the past years crop and provide vending of all the local produce, meats, jellies, breads and more.Aside from its organic connection, the venue also comes with beautiful scenery. Fertile bottom fields, hardwood and cedar woods, numerous streams and a 1-acre pond combine to create the setting for the three day event.

For nearly 10 years, Terrapin Hill Harvest Festival has been a site for certified organic farming and a venue for locals to perform their music. Beginning from fireside jams by Born Cross-Eyed, the harvest has been a miracle in the making as it has gained popularity with locals and visitors alike. Now it has evolved into a festival of great magnitude with national credibility, all the while endorsing the vision of univerSOUL organic family fun.

Terrapin Hill Harvest Festival:

September 27th through 29th

Tickets are $75.00

Day passes only at gate$30.00

Kids 12 and underFREE

More information at