BEST eligible bachelor in Lex

Marvin Bartlett

Gatewood Galbraith

(Scott Padgett received MANY votes... and no longer lives in Lex.)

Best eligible bachelorette In Lex

Alexa Gromko

(no other serious contenders for the title)

Best power couple

Alan and Kathy Stein

Brian and Cathleen Collins

Mr. And Mrs. Tubby Smith

Sexiest local band

Club Dub

Barnhouse Effect

(the defunct for now) Catawampus

Sexiest local news anchor (male)

Marvin Bartlett WDKY

Scott Padgett (not an anchor, but at WLEX)

Sam Dick WKYT

Sexiest local news anchor (female)

Jennifer Nime WKDY

Alexa Gromko WTVQ

Nancy Cox WLEX

Sexiest radio personality (male)

Sticky WCDA

Freak Daddy WKQQ

Jack Pattie WVLK

Sexiest radio personality (Female)

Suzy Boe WXZZ

Jill at WXZZ

Andrea Sayre WBUL FM

Sexiest elected official

Bill Farmer

Kathy Stein

Ernesto Scorscone


Best Power Couple
Alan and Kathy Stein.

Photo by Forrest Payne

Best Eligible Bachelorette
In Lexington
Alexa Gromko