Best write-in candidate for mayor

Jim Gray

Chuck Ellinger Jr.

Jim Amato

Honorable Mention: Anita Madden

Best use for Lexington Mall's current carapace

An outlet mall

Drive-in movie

Luxury mall

Best use for woolworth skeleton

A year-round farmers' market

Pottery Barn


Honorable Mention: a "new Lynagh's music club"

Best thing to happen to downtown this year

Lexington Art Center

The Block Party/Jazz Alley

More music and nightlife downtown

Best local politician you love-to-hate

Scott Crosbie

Pam Miller

Gatewood Galbraith

Best council member

Jennifer Mossotti

Bill Farmer

Richard Moloney

Best state legislator

Kathy Stein

Ernesto Scorsone

Ernie Fletcher (uh. His office might want to issue a press release about what it is he's been elected to do-since he isn't a state legislator.)

Best idea you'd like to share with LFUCG

In no particular order:

restore old courthouse for museum/major touring shows; more infill downtown; better mass transit; encourage more residential and retail downtown with financial incentives; buy the water company; don't buy the water company.


Future outlet mall? voted Best use of Lexington Mall carapace..

Photo by Michael Geneve

Lexington Art Center is the best thing to happen to downtown this year according to the readers.

Photo by Forrest Payne