It's the Traffic Stupid

It's not just the SUVs, stupids.

My car gets 25 mpg on the highway, and 15 mpg in Lexington.

Annually, this differential means over 300 gallons of my gasoline are burned up sitting at inefficient, ill-timed, and downright nonsensical Lexington traffic lights. The emissions are poisoning your children, pets, and elderly; and giving you asthma, allergies, and contributing to some kinds of cancer.

Where is our Environmental Commission? They, car dealers, and the LFUCG Traffic Department need to "get together" and "get it together."

I sent this letter to the editor at the Herald-Leader, and they did not choose to print it. It should be noted that the H-L gets an ENORMOUS percentage of its advertising revenue from local car dealers.

Kathy Miller


All legitimate daily and weekly newspapers must maintain a rigid wall between church (edit) and state (advertising), in order to function credibly as newspapers. Typically, the left hand (in edit) rarely even knows what the right hand (in advertising) is doing. The Knight-Ridder chain is known for maintaining that separation.

The Car's the thing

Dear Ace, No one volunteered to turn in their keys to their SUVs? This to me is secondary to turning in my keys altogether. Other than the ultimate form of crude and inefficient travel-the airplane-there is really no alternative method of getting around in this country.

If America is the land of freedom, one is free only as long as one is moving around in a car.

Corporate America and America's money-hungry government leaders make noise about freedom and choice. Freedom and choice must coincide with profit. The car generates enormous profit, to the extent that America's economy basically hinges on the car. Add up all the dollars spent in car lots and dollars pushed through bank and insurance companies based on car deals.

Consider that almost all of our retail and trade are based on being able to drive right up to and park at the storefront or office front. Not only retail and trade, but all of our points of gathering, whether sports, music, religion, and where we live by design (i.e., sprawl) have only one consistent connection: the car.

And then there's the government taking a staggering portion of its tax revenue and dedicating it to road building and road maintenance and to the defense of its oil sources and oil flow.

When accusations are being made about human rights violations and the building of weapons of mass destruction, I find it odd that those accusations don't also include how the car has been rammed down America's throat.

Layton Register

Actually, it's ego

I'm writing this letter in hopes to draw some attention to a worthy cause. Everywhere I turn there is an even larger SUV that is being used neither for Sport nor Utility, just simply pimpin' daily commutes.

Driving in my Jetta, I think about what would happen if one of these soccer moms on cell phones slammed into me-I would be crushed like a pancake! As a safety engineer, I have found the root cause of this epidemic to be ego. Therefore I have started a website for those who feel the same way I do.

As the web site is still in its infancy, the primary goal is to get the message to as many people possible and to pop the ego of some of these drivers. Eventually we would love to post an SUVego.com message on a billboard.

If all goes well it could be expanded nationally and we would love to donate some money to the foundation for clean air progress.

Our primary problem now is lack of exposure. I think there are many people that feel the same way; conversely there are many people who drive and love these vehicles.

Take care,

Brent Quebman


Hillbillies? Who? Us?

Regarding the CBS TV "reality" version of The Beverly Hillbillies (whatever it's called): I've now seen three local writers-most recently Ronni Lundy [Reader Opinion, September 12 issue] complaining about the slander this show does us.

Personally I don't understand the problem.

Firstly, who believes any of these "reality" TV shows are any less staged (scripted, even) than an episode of The Drew Carey Show? If you do believe that, then perhaps you deserve to be ridiculed!

Secondly, the protestations that this maligns Kentuckians is only valid if you identify with the comic stereotype. I don't; do you ?

Maybe we should all campaign to get Matt Groening to eliminate the character "Cletus" from The Simpsons!

Darryl Weaver

Water Water Everywhere

To The Editor: So the Germans buy the water company. They run a pipe from the Rhine River to central Kentucky. End of drought.

Yours truly,

AJ Ries


Finally it rained this weekend. Big deal. We all know a two-day shower can't put a dent in the years-long drought pattern Lexington has been in. Why is this issue being ignored by every side that seems so invested in all the water politics, namely, the city, FLOW, and the Coalition opposing government takeover?

Did I miss anyone? Because it seems like there's a new group every day.

Vincent Miller


Before everybody jumps on the "locally-owned" bandwagon supporting a government buyout, could we pause a moment and remember that almost everything the LFUCG touches turns to crap. No offense. I mean that in the strictest literal sense.

They still haven't devised a working storm sewer system, no matter how many studies they've commissioned.

Dennis Dixon


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Mail: 486 West Second St , Lexington, Ky 40507


Thirsty yet?

If you are confused about the status of the water company, mercifully, there will be a public forum, Wednesday, September 25 at UK.

Here are a few of the key players.

FLOW is the group that advocates purchasing the water company. Foster Ockerman, Jr. is counsel for FLOW.

The Coalition against the government takeover is pretty much that-advocating that KY American Water Company remain a private corporate interest.

Kentucky American Water Company itself has mounted an aggressive, if sometimes confusing, ad and PR campaign that seems to do nothing more than reassure Lexingtonians that...Water is...good? Admittedly that's hard to argue with-but its relevance may be negligible to the debate.

OK, sports fans

Just when you thought hockey was enoughthe National Indoor Football League welcomed Lexington into its ranks with as a new franchise. The yet-to-be-named team, will play its home games in Rupp Arena during the 14-game 2003 NIFL season, which runs from March through June.

For season ticket packages register for seats, starting Wednesday, by calling the box office at 859-233-3535 or by visiting www.rupparena.com online. As for a name, submit your choice by calling 859-514-7868 or use the url above.

Book 'em

The International Book Project's Annual 25-cent Book Sale is Friday, September 20th 9am to 4pm, and Saturday, September 21st 10am to 4pm, located at 1440 Delaware Avenue

Proceeds help defray the costs of shipping books to developing countries. But, should you happen to miss the sale, you can still drop by the IBP store every 1st and 3rd Saturday from 9am to noon. Info, call 254.6771.

Run. Or walk.

The YMCA of Central KY hosts its first annual 5K Run/Walk Saturday, September 21st at Shadybrook Park at Lexmark International. To participate, sign

up at any YMCA of Central Kentucky Branch. Registration fees are $15 for adults, and $10 for the kids. Info, bvaughn@ymcaofcentralky.org.

Clean it up

Water's in the news, so now's as good a time as any to help clean up some 70 miles of shoreline along Herrington Lake. Duties include wood collection, wood cutting, wood burning, and general clean up. Saturday, September 21st through Saturday, September 28th. Lexington 859.260.1234, Danville at 859.236.9155, Harrodsburg at 859.748.5959.

Talk the talk

Mayoral candidates Scott Crosbie and Teresa Isaac will take part in the ABC/CFMA Candidate Forum debate Monday, September 23rd at the Sheraton Suites on Richmond Road. The debate will start at 7:00pm. Also, the Greater Lexington Chamber and The Lane Report will host a one-hour debate between Crosbie and Isaac, which will be taped at KET on Tuesday, September 24, and will be shown on a tape-delayed basis. (Dates and times TBA.) If you want to ask the candidates a question, go to www.lexchamber.com/news/news.htm, click on the link and fill out the form.

Speak up

The Interfaith Alliance of the Bluegrass will hold its 1st annual meeting at 6:30p.m. on Tuesday, September 24, at the Faculty Club of UK. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy, the national Executive Director of The Interfaith Alliance will give the speech, speaking out against religious extremism. Tickets (which include dinner) are $20. For a res, call 278-7552.

To submit an advocacy/activism activity or event for Quickies, email rkirkland@aceweekly.com, or editor@aceweekly.com.