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Conference broadens local scene
By Lee Dellapina

The Midwest Music Conference and Film Festival is entering its third year here in Lexington, KY, and is bigger than ever. The conference, which will be held at The Hyatt, will bring to town dozens of music industry insiders, aspiring film makers, radio professionals, and over 100 bands and musicians from all over the country. Stephen Zimmer, founder and event organizer, says that the conference is good for Kentucky. "It has steadily grown over the past three years, and I am hearing far less negative comments about Kentucky than before. We really did have an uphill battle against Kentucky stereotypes, but once here, the industry people found a very quality city with very talented people and a lot of potential." The bands are coming to Lexington from as far away as Los Angeles and Florida. "We have some of Los Angeles' hottest modern rock prospects," Zimmer explains, "such as JED, Fighting Iris, and Weedeater."

He continues, "We have one of New York's top rising hip hop acts in Reyn, we have Keep, a fast-rising prospect out of Florida, The Melismatics, based out of Minnesota, and Chain Poets, one of Atlanta's big buzz bands. These are just a few, but it definitely demonstrates the national nature of the event, without a doubt."

Zimmer, who is a great supporter of local music as well, has not left out bands from this region: Bryan Himes, Lucid Grey, Astrolyte, Wild Ride, Attic Down, and Melanie Johnson to name a few, are just some of the acts that will be representing Central Kentucky at the conference.

The MMCFF is not just bunches of bands playing at clubs all weekend; it is also a film festival, which is new to the conference this year, and a series of panels and workshops, taking place Friday and Saturday at The Hyatt for those who are registered for the conference. These panels usually involve anywhere from 6-9 industry professionals addressing a certain topic, with subjects such as how to plan a smart demo project, professional management, independent labels, publishing, and many more. (The full list is available online at www.midwestmusicconference.net/panelschedule.html). The panels are largely interactive and discussion driven, so the audience can essentially direct the panel to address what they want to learn about most. There is also mentoring available, in which a band can have a one-on-one session with a solid producer or label person-kind of like a private critique/listening session. There are workshops as well, which this year includes planning your own home studio, video editing, sound tracking, and more. Another new element to the conference this year will be keynote speakers, most notably, Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens, who will be giving a private solo performance and meet/greet session for conference registrants. In its junior season, The MMCFF is starting to achieve something that has been difficult for Lexington events to accomplish on a national level: legitimacy. As word gets out around the country, and more bands and musicians become interested, the conference will continue to grow and could someday be held in the same regard as South by Southwest or the PMRC. Info, www.midwestmusicconference.net.

MMCFF Music Schedule

* Thursday, 22 August
# Friday, 23 August
&Mac195; Saturday, 24 August

*10:00 Stumblerun
11:00 C.O. Jones
12:00 Keep
#9:00 Astrolyte
10:00 Mad Happy
11:00 Blue Muse
12:00 1 King Train
&Mac195;9:00 Childhood
10:00 Attic Down
11:00 The Limit
12:00 Element H

#9:00 Jennifer Peterson
10:00 Tiny (f/ Paula Roarke)
11:00 Flynn
12:00 Masala
&Mac195;9:00 Silence
10:00 Amy Squire
11:00 Sleepwalkers
12:00 The Torques

High On Rose
#9:00 Jennifer On Sunday
10:00 Gladstone
11:00 Spitshine
12:00 Search for George
&Mac195;9:00 Al Lay
10:00 God the Band
11:00 Bryan Himes
12:00 Magno

Pure Gold-
Former Club Vegas Room
Electronic Music Showcase
presented by BASSMAX
DJ Kitsonic
DJ Ribbit
(time slots still TBA)
10pm to 5am

Cheapside Park
By Old Courthouse
Courtesy of The Downtown
Lexington Corporation
*7:15 Fighting Iris
8:00 71 North
8:20 Spooncat!

*8:00 Laura Hage
9:00 Scott Little
10:00 Michael Jantz
11:00 Philosopher’s Stone
12:00 The Likes of Which
&Mac195;8:00 Tokyo Tramps
8:50 The Locals
9:40 Olive Trees

#9:00 Suzahn
10:00 Jason White
11:00 Michael Johnathon
12:00 Vinx
&Mac195;9:00 Tom Acoustic
10:00 Rare Blend
11:00 Melanie Johnson
12:00 Todd Carter Koeppen

Presented By SONICBIDS
w/ additional support from
&Mac195;10:00 Runaway Cab
11:00 Crash Into June
12:00 Dexter
Phoenix Park
Courtesy of the City of Lexington
&Mac195;11:00 Elyssia
11:45 Sara Blue
12:30 JP Starr
1:15 71 North
1:35 Sabrina Korva

Rumrunner’s @ Kamikaze’s
Presented by Midwestbands.com Production presented by BASSMAX
*9:00 Spindle
10:00 Gloria Bills
11:00 Roses For Kitty
12:00 The Limit
12:40 REYN
Hip Hop/R + B showcase
presented by BASSMAX
#Custom Made
Tah Phrum Duh Bush!
Ike Brown
71 North
Kuwait and Gemini

Two Keys Tavern
#9:00 The Sulentic
10:00 Michael Shouse
11:00 Masa
12:00 Urban Funk
&Mac195;9:00 Chain Poets
10:00 Anonymous Bosch
11:00 Agatha Crawl
12:00 Wild Ride

Varsity Blue
#9:00 Melismatics
10:00 Burn
11:00 Garden of Dreams
12:00 Spooncat!
Presented by OnStage Magazine
#9:00 Jambone Lewis
10:00 Bomb Shelter
11:00 Fighting Iris
12:00 Jed

Hyatt Regency
A/ All Ages
#8:00 Rooker Assassin
9:00 Krimsyn Skurge
10:00 My Own Victim
11:00 Logan’s Heroes
12:00 Execrator
&Mac195;8:00 Fate
9:00 Black Dawn
10:00 OZ Willis Troubled
12:00 Spent

Hyatt Regency
B/ All Ages
#9:00 Leaderdog
10:00 Weedeater
11:00 Lucid Fly
12:00 Jackass
&Mac195;9:00 Lucid Grey
10:00 Dead Celebrities
11:00 Sundowner Syndrome
12:00 Psycho Bitch Magnet

High Tops -
Hyatt Regency
*Nancy Chamberlain, Ripley Caine, and Barbara Jean Morrisson st: 6:15

i MMCFF Film Schedule

NOTE: Schedule subject to change.

For full schedule, go to www.midwestmusic-

* Thursday, 22 August
# Friday, 23 August
&Mac195; Saturday, 24 August

Kentucky Theater
* Program Starts at 9pm Spacecraft Musical Presentation
Zombie Planet 11 minute sneak peak Sequence/Preview

"Say Cheese" by Derek Flood, Munich, Germany

"42K" Premiere by
Darren Doane, Los
Angeles, CA

Lexington Public Library
Downtown Theater

&Mac195;Animation, CGI, and Music Video - Open to the General Public
Animation & CGI Program starts at 4:15 pm.
Music Video Starts at 6pm.

Reel Deal Cinema
Screen 1
# FEATURES AND SHORTS Program starts at 6:25pm

&Mac195;FEATURES AND SHORTS Program starts at 2:30pm Reel Deal Cinema

Screen 2
#FEATURES AND SHORTS Program starts at 6:45pm

&Mac195;FEATURES AND SHORTS Program starts at 3pm Reel Deal Cinema

Screen 3
Program starts at 4pm