Austin Powers in Goldmember
By Dustin Gast

This looks like a really effeminate scene from Oz.

Mike Myers stars as half the cast in the latest adventure of the International Man of Mystery, Austin Powers in Goldmember. We begin this story with Dr. Evil (Mike Myers) and his newest evil plan to take over the world. He requires the assistance of a new and even stranger character this go around. His name is Goldmember (Mike Myers), a Dutch club owner from 1975. The plan requires the kidnapping of Austin Powers' (Mike Myers) father Nigel Powers (Michael Caine), one of England's most honored spies. They take Nigel back to 1975, and Austin is in hot pursuit. Along the way he encounters Foxxy Cleopatra (Beyoncé Knowles), an old friend from the MID. The story continues as Austin and Foxxy try and find a way to stop Dr. Evil and Goldmember from carrying out their evil plan for world domination.

Austin Powers in Goldmember is a light-hearted rollercoaster of laughs and fun. The story line is perfect for this type of goofball comedy. It's filled to the brim with laughs, which is a rare find nowadays. It seems as though everything has been done before, but somehow Mike Myers finds an original way to make our sides hurt.

The comedy in this Austin Powers installment is a bit lighter than the previous two. The sexual references, while still present, are few and far between. Most of the bits we've seen in the previous films come up once more. Yet, as proven in The Spy Who Shagged Me, Myers has a way of presenting the material in a new and hilarious fashion.

The costuming and sets in this feature are excellent. Goldmember's club is authentically 70s. Of course, it's taken to the extreme, which really adds to the humorous nature of the film. This holds true to the rest of the feature as well, no matter what time period they happen to be in at the time. Along the same lines, the choreography is top notch. The customary opening dance sequence works due to excellent dance instruction. The street dancing just wouldn't work otherwise.

The acting throughout this film is outstanding. Mike Myers is superb in each and every role he takes on in this feature. His Austin Powers is a bit more sensitive this go around, but is still as funny as ever. Dr. Evil role is still evil and hilarious and his newest character Goldmember is eccentric, and even a bit grotesque. You'll be laughing and nauseous at the same time. One of the funniest characters still has to be Fat Bastard. His nasty figure, mixed with a Scottish accent and his constant bragging about his sexual appeal mix together in such a way that you can't help but crack up. Beyoncé Knowles performs solidly in her first big role, as Foxxy Cleopatra. While her part is smaller than both Elizabeth Hurley's and Heather Graham's, her performance is on par with both. Knowles's sassy attitude earns her the name Foxxy. Verne Troyer does a stupendous job reprising his role as Mini Me, as his expressions are so telling that speaking would only take away from the humor of his character. Michael Caine is also good as Austin's neglectful, and quirky father Nigel Powers. The supporting cast and long line of A-list cameos add in the finishing touches to make this film great.

The only real downside to Austin Powers in Goldmember is the fact that some of the repeated jokes wear a bit thin. Of course, that is to be expected once you reach a third installment. However, it still suffers a bit from the fact that we've heard all of the catch phrases before. They are still funny, but they don't crack the audience up as they did originally.

Overall, Austin Powers in Goldmember is an excellent film. It's full of laughs and surprises that will keep you laughing throughout its duration. Mike Myers shows off just how talented he is reprising a few familiar roles, and taking on yet another. Don't fear, he hasn't been stretched too thin. If you're looking for a light feature that will really keep you entertained, then Austin Powers in Goldmember is for you.