Look for the likeness

"Lexington allowed us to recognize our likeness."

That final sentence in (Jewish) Nora Moosnick's account of her friendship with (Palestinian) Joanne Martha [ACE 5-16-02] says much about a basic flaw in certain human thought patterns.

In fact, it defines the basis of skin-color racism, xenophobic cultural fear/hatred and even humanity's disregard of ecological responsibility to other life-forms-we look for what we hope distinguishes us from others rather than what shows our similarity.

One of my friends traces this back to Satan's desire to be held special above the other angels.

I don't know about that but I do think that whether through religious philosophy ("I & I, my brother") or cold science (even a cursory examination of inter- species anatomy tells much) until we "...recognize our likeness..." we're just stuck in the mud.

Thanks for the forum,

Darryl Weaver

The Whole Truth?

I enjoyed the Israeli-Palestinian friendship article [Cover, May 16], but while reading it I felt the whole story was not being told.

Having lived in other metro areas, I find Lexington relatively intolerant and aggressively ...(militantly?)...Christian.

Take the example of the Christian "fish" seen on many cars and elsewhere.

Substitute that fish with a Star of David, I bet you will see some non-Christian activities crawl out of Lexington's woodwork.

I can't help but feel that these young women, consciously or subconsciously, do not feel free to speak the whole truth about living in and being accepted in Lexington.

Kathleen Miller


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Don't Even Ask!
By Will Durst

hat did he know and when did he know it?" Don't you people understand? Just the merest hint of a whisper of a question like this asked of our brave stalwart Commander-in-Chief is unpatriotic. It weakens us and gives solace to the enemy. And it's not just the timing of the inquiry that's inappropriate. It's the very manner in which the question is being phrased. The exact same query Howard Baker posed of Nixon during a little thing called Watergate not quite a couple of lifetimes ago. And if there's one thing we Republicans don't need right now, it's references to the dark days of Tricky Dick. Not included on the GOP highlight reels if you know what I mean.

Especially with so many of the same characters recycled into this administration. Besides, Nixon was a man who committed the most unpardonable of Republican sins: he got caught. So we are fighting back very loud and very immediately. And why? Because its so darn apparent. The Democrats are trying to politicize September 11th! And this is no time for partisanship!

Partisanship is bad. A total anathema to the whole American philosophy. Whitewater? Well, that was an entirely different thing altogether. Same with Monica. Those were morally abhorrent deviant rifts the public had a Constitutional right to know about. But now the Democrats are trying to make political hay out of this horrible attack going so far as to question the ethics of selling a September 11th picture of the President to potential donors. A glorious four color photo of a pensive in control Bush peering out the window of Air Force One ever vigilant for further attacks. A steal at the low low price of $149.95. Available now in a one of a kind golden thirteen eagle frame.

There they go again, that's politics.

And like we said, this is no time for politics. This is a time for all of us to strip away our petty differences and stop pointing fingers. When we blamed Clinton for gutting our intelligence community and putting the nation at risk for an attack, that was simply the dissemination of vital information our country needs to operate so we are not duped into making a similar horrible mistake in the future. Their present claims that President Bush had information he didn't act on are tantamount to sedition.

It is so obvious. What did he know? He didn't know anything. And when did he know it? Not until Dick Cheney told him he didn't know. There. I hope you're happy.

Will Durst is happy. Are you happy?