Pollution Solutions

To help curb runoff pollution, the Kentucky Division of Water is asking for your help in finding solutions.

The 2003 Nonpoint Source Implementation Grant application and guidance document is now available to those who have project ideas to control runoff pollution. Competing projects will be funded - up to 60 percent of the total project cost - by the U.S. Environmental Agency. To cover the rest of the cost, 40 percent must be matched in nonfederal funds.

Special interests of the project include: watershed restoration, educational programs to reduce extensive pavement and other impervious surfaces, and resourceful approaches.

Runoff pollution is a serious problem, caused by numerous activities, and threatens our water supply and aquatic system. To get a guidance document log on to http://water.nr.state.ky.us.dow/npsguide.htm or e-mail the Division of Water at NREPC.DEPDOWNPS@mail.state.ky.us to request a copy. -JF