Tune In

Couch epicures take heed. a la lucie, as voted for by Ace readers and now by Jill Cordes of the Food Network as the "Best Place to Take a Date in Lexington," was visited back in November to film a segment for the Food Network's "The Best of Date Places." Also of note, be on the lookout for our very own Eloise Campbell Longenecker, who will be making a cameo during the segment. See if you can discern what she dined on and if she ordered the appropriate wine. The first three people to e-mail us with the correct dinner and wine will be given the opportunity to reimburse Eloise for the charge on her Amex.

"Her name is Sarah Goldfarb and she's going to be on television!!"

The show will air February 4th at 9:30 p.m. on the Food Network. -Rob Kirkland

Where's the beef?

Well, it seems as if the ladies of Ace cannot get enough of the camera. Aside from Eloise appearing on the Food Network, Rhonda Reeves will be showing up on WLEX's Let's Do Lunch, Thursday, February 7th with hosts Lisa Kaplan and Dia Davidson. Sure, she's got a recipe for pumpkin soup that's to die for, but Rhonda's purpose: to whet the viewer's appetite for this year's Bluegrass Bachelor Auction. Selected bachelors will be on the show as well. I wonder, are these guys being put out to pasture, put out to stud, or just being led to the slaughter? -RK

Get with it

How much do you really know about HIV and AIDS? Probably less than you should unless your involved with AVOL. To remedy this situation, Aids Volunteers of Lexington is holding an interest meeting for their Village Project program for young adults under the age of 21 who are interested in learning the facts about safe sex, HIV prevention and community outreach in a fun, engaging environment. As the fastest growing population of new AIDS cases, AVOL encourages young people and their friends to come to the AVOL offices at 263 N. Limestone, February 6th at 7:00 or call 225-3000 to learn more about their program. -MM

Got Time?

Anyone visiting the downtown branch of the Lexinton Public Library from now on will be hard pressed not to notice their new, permanent installation of the world's largest horizontal ceiling clock, now stationed ominously in the library's rotunda. The clock, which was conceived by Lucille Little and designed by Lexington artist Adalin Wichman is equipped with a pendulum, turazzo/mosaic floor and a equine frieze that adorns the library's ground floor. Three months in the making, the project was completed on New Year's Eve by Verdin Co. in Cincinnatti and dedicated the same day. So unless you're short on time (pardon the pun), stop by during the library's regular business hours and check it out.

-Martha Mulholland

The race is on

It's official. Candidates for the mayoral election are (in no particular order): Scott Crosbie, Jim Gray, Teresa Isaac, and Ann Ross. Stay tuned for more as the action unfolds. Word on the street has it that this race is going to be full of fireworks. -TS