You are what you eat

"Anyone who cares about where their food comes from [should] turn out for this event," says the Community Farm Alliance of this weekend's Annual Meeting, January 12, at the Holiday Inn North.

(And isn't that everybody?)

Nationally known agricultural economist John Ikerd will speak on "Painting a Picture of the New American Farm."

Other issues to be explored at the conference are creative methods for developing a strong local food economy; international trade and farm movements; marketing strategies; and starting an on-farm enterprise.

The Community Farm Alliance is a statewide, membership run organization dedicated to protecting family-scale farming. Learn more at

MLK Abolitionist Lecture

Centre College will present a special public lecture as part of its annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration. James M. Prichard from the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives will give a talk entitled "Abolitionists in Our Midst: The Doyle Conspiracy of 1848" on January 13 at 7:30 p.m. in Newlin Hall on the Centre campus. In 1848, E. J. "Patrick" Doyle, a white Centre College student, led some 50 slaves from Fayette and Bourbon counties in a dash for freedom. The Doyle Conspiracy, the largest attempted slave escape in Kentucky history, ended when the fugitives were captured in Bracken County. Prichard's talk reinterprets the history of this event and provides a view of Kentucky slavery that strongly contradicts the often popular southern stereotypes of "kind masters" and "faithful servants."

Auto Art?

Fancy yourself the next Picasso, but work primarily in the medium of Detroit steel?

Get ready to be discovered.

The Speed Art Museum and KY Art and Craft Foundation are co-hosting art-car events on March 15 and March 16. They are looking for "any vehicle that has been altered as a statement of creative intent." (Fuzzy dice don't count.)

Thinking of planting your car - trunk-end up - in your yard? Sorry. Very 90s.

Aspiring auto-artists may mail your submissions to: Bryan Warren/ Associate Curator of Education/ Speed Art Museum/ 22035 South Third Street/ Louisville, KY 40208. Email:

Include photos, and contact information, and your web address if you have one.