A Step Above

Jeff [Zurcher],

I have read your stuff before, all of which has been very good However, I thought your article on Coach Morriss being retained as the head coach was wonderful [sportspeak, Dec 6].

Being a former player that you are, it is gratifying to read an article from someone who actually knows what is going on. It is too bad that other media personalities in this town that write for the local papers can't see things in the same light that you see them. They are too worried about finding something negative, like no buy out or something else, than just writing good and insightful articles.

By the way, a contractual buy out obviously didn't help Cam Cameron or Davie.

I think that you do a great job for ACE.

R. Manchester

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

I just want to let Ace readers know about Home at Last Animal Sanctuary's Christmas special on the Best Buddy Program [sponsoring the food and care of an animal who lives at the Sanctuary].

Normally, a sponsorship of an animal runs for a year and is $15 a month. However, for Christmas you can purchase two month Best Buddy sponsorships for $25. Whoever you buy this for will receive an ornament with their buddy's photo inside, a card, Home At Last magnet, and their animal's story. For more info, see our website. And, be sure to specify what kind of animal you want to sponsor: cat, dog, goat, pig, cow, rabbit.

Victoria M. King

Home At Last

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