Charity at Home

When I think of all the kids in Lexington who go to bed hungry every night, it's hard not to be upset by all the advertising I've seen by local establishments who are sponsoring the 9-11 drives.

Those families surely must need our help. But they've already had a telethon. Tom Hanks is on the job. And we all need to remember that Fayette County has many problems to solve, and would benefit from helping hands and helping funds.

Thank you for your Thanksgiving issue [Nov 22] bringing attention to some of these worthy causes. I hope to read more about them in Ace.

Molly Chen


Your article [Nov 22, Cane Creek, editorial] about the example your father set in the spirit of Christmas charity almost made me cry.

You must be very proud of him.

I cut out your story and sent it to both my parents and my children in their Christmas cards.

Many children grow up with parents who can give them everything their materialistic hearts desire, but it sounds like you grew up with parents who gave you something more.

You're very blessed.

Lauren King

Meet Nurse Mary Jane

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of patients across Kentucky are already using medical marijuana to treat a serious, debilitating medical condition. Of course, they do this in secret, fearful that if caught they can be punished by the state.

Unfortunately, current law treats patients who use marijuana for a legitimate medical need no differently than it treats all other drug users. What a shameful consequence of the war on drugs. Patients should not be penalized simply for trying to cope with their illness.

Patients should be treated differently. They should be exempt from criminal penalties for medical marijuana.

I regret to report, however, that the Kentucky legislature did not consider any bills this year to protect medical marijuana patients. In fact, Kentucky is just one of 15 states that has never had a law recognizing marijuana's medical benefits. How ironic, seeing that Kentucky farmers could benefit the most!

I urge all Kentucky residents to contact their state legislators to demand that medical marijuana be on the legislature's agenda in 2002. It is time to protect patients who have a legitimate medical need to use marijuana.

Michael Waddell

Torture Ineffective

Some people are currently debating whether government agents should be allowed to torture suspects in the interests of our national security. I have to admit that torture is a wonderful way to get confessions. The only problem is that people confess to crimes they haven't committed to stop the torture. Take me, for instance. Threaten me with torture, and I will be very happy to confess that I am married to Jennifer Aniston, that I wrote "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," and that I assassinated Abraham Lincoln. Want to know of plots against the government? Threaten me with torture, and I will be happy to make up whatever you want to hear. Under torture, I am very willing to confess that the Backstreet Boys are currently plotting to overthrow the United States government. Anyone who is pro-torture needs to experience torture first to know what they are talking about.

David Bruce

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