Give 'Til It Hurts

Welcome to the third annual "Give 'til it Hurts" charity issue of Ace Weekly.

This fall has seen an enormous national focus on charitable giving (notably to the Red Cross, along with a wide variety of funds relating to the events of September 11).

It's an impulse to be lauded, but there are needs to be met on the state and local level as well - people and organizations who fall through the cracks everyday - and who never have enough resources or people to do the work that needs to be done.

What follows is a sampling of local organizations who've sent in their holiday Wish Lists. We asked them to be specific. We also asked them to disclose information about their 501c3 non-profit status, but (as always), we encourage you to consult a tax professional about all the financial information that surrounds charitable giving. Some organizations do not have non-profit status, but do very worthwhile work in the community, or for the environment, or as advocates - and may welcome your volunteer work or elbow grease.

Check them out (and then write us back and let us hear about your experiences).


Home At Last Animal Sanctuary

Contact: Sarah Dorroh
Address: PO Box 144, Salvisa, KY 40372
Phone: 502-839-1974 or 502-859-5342
Email: or

Mission: No-kill sanctuary providing lifetime care for many formerly abused or abandoned animals. We rescue animals from the street and cooperate with local national shelters to save animals from "deathrow." We maintain several programs including but not limited to: adoptions, feral cat trap/neuter/release, and Education Outreach. In addition to cats and dogs, we also rescue cows, pigs, goats and rabbits.
501c3: yes

Wish List:
Video camera (preferably digital)
Kitty litter
Grooming supplies: brushes, combs, clippers, slickers, etc.
Pooper Scoopers
Open Wire Large Dog Crates
Vehicle for transport
Office Supplies: multi-purpose paper, brightly colored paper for copies, zip disks
Ink cartridges: BJC 240 Color or BW, BJC 4000 BW, Hewlett Packard Deskjet 697c color or BW
Cat trees, perches, scratching posts
Cat toys (no fur or leather)
2 story enclosed cat playpen
Large animal feed bowls (for cows and pigs)
Water Jugs (5 gallon)
Volunteers to help organize fundraisers
Foster homes

The Luci Center

Contact: Paula Nieto
Address: PO Box 936, 7102 Eminence Pike, Shelbyville, KY
Phone: 502-845-2157
Mission: To enrich the minds, the bodies and the spirits of children and adults with disabilities through horse related activities.
501c3: Yes

Wish List:

Equine Senior Feed
Grass hay bales
English Western saddles and tack
Volunteers for grooming, leading and sidewalking
Equipment shed

Ravenhearst Pet Disaster Services

Contact Name: Dixie Rosamond, Executive Director
Address: POB 54715; Lexington, KY 40555-4715
Phone Number: 859-276-3063
Website: AND
Mission or Purpose of organization: Our purpose is to assist companion animals during times of crisis.
501c3: Yes

Wish List:

Adoption Coordinator
Special Events Coordinator Development Coordinator
Volunteers to work in concessions stand at Rupp Arena
Volunteers to help with our medieval faire as entertainers, concessions, ticket booth, petting zoo, kids area, security, construction, etc.
Foster Homes

Purina Cat Chow
Feline Pine Cat Litter
Tidy Cat Litter
Cat carriers
Frontline flea treatment
Cat toys
KMR formula
Heating pads
Hand sanitizer
Laundry Detergent
Ink for Lexmark 3200 printer
Computer Disks


Actors' Guild of Lexington

Contact Person: Deb Shoss
Address: 139 W Short St.
Phone #: 233-7330
Mission: To create and present compelling contemporary theatre for the region
501c3: Yes

Wish List:

Console or Studio Piano in great condition
Plain paper fax machine
CD-W drive for PC
600mhz computer with 10-gig harddrives
Use of large moving truck
Lateral file cabinets
Color printers


Bluegrass Council, Boy Scouts of America

Contact: Paul Curry
Address: 415 N. Broadway, Lexington 40508
Phone: 231-7811
Mission: Youth character development; citizenship training; drug and alcohol abuse prevention
501c3: Yes

Wish List:

(3) 13" TV/VCR combos for leader training
LCD projector (youth training)
Industrial type carpet, for service center
Laptop computers, youth field service
Computer with CD burner, for youth training materials
8 1/2" x 11" copy paper

Friends of the Children

Contact Person: Joyce Welch, President
Address: 2712 Forest Ave, Ashland, KY 41101
Phone Number: 606-325-3486
Mission: We buy new school clothes for children in Ashland public schools who are in dire need of assistance
501c3: Yes

Wish List:

Men and Women's socks (all sizes)
Packages of underwear (all sizes)
Growing Together Preschool, Inc.
Name of contact person: Ellen Perry
Address: 599 Lima Drive, 40511
Phone number: 859-255-4056
Mission or Purpose of organization: To provide services to families of infants and preschoolers. The nature of the services is educational/therapeutic and daycare, with emphasis on integrating children with disabilities and their typical peers.
501c3: Yes

Wish List:

Xerox paper
Ink Jet cartridges (color/black) for Lexmark Z12 (17G0060/17G0050) and Hewlett Packard 670C (HP51649A/HP51629A)
Lined parking spaces in parking lot
Lamintaing film for laminator (USI Opti Clear Lam Film 25" x 250' light WT2)
Rocking chairs
Positive Link Center, Inc.
Name of Contact Person: Rochelle M. Davis
Address: 1165 Centre Parkway, Suite 100, Lexington, KY 40517
Phone: 859-271-8800
Fax: 859-271-7649
Mission: Reach out to troubled youth through counseling and mentoring. Committed to helping youths during and after incarceration.
501c3: Yes

Wish List:

2 Lock file cabinets (4-drawer)
1 copier for office
1 round conference table and six chairs
50 volunteers to give 2 hours a week for the next year

The Sunshine Center

Contact: Carrie Stith, Executive Director
Address: 308 Wilkinson Street, PO Box 1621, Frankfort KY 40601
Phone: 502-875-3495
Mission: We are a child abuse prevention agency, and our mission is to provide children and their families a safe, neutral and nurturing environment, where they can receive the support, and develop the skills they need to help break the cycles of abuse and neglect
501c3: Yes

Wish List:

Diapers, size 3 and up
Baby food
Baby wipes
Baby formula
Children's clothes
Copy paper, size 8.5 x 11


Sierra Club

Contact: Joey Shadowen/Oscar Geralds
Address: 259 W. Short St., Lexington Ky, 40507
Phone: 252-3422 or 255-7946
Mission: Explore, enjoy and protect the wild places of the earth; to practice and promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources: to educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural human environment; and to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives.
501c3: No

Wish List:

Camping items and gift certificates for outdoor equipment to help the start up "Inner City Outings Program" for underprivileged children
Construction tools and materials and labor volunteers for trail renovation with the Red River Gorge
Volunteers to help coordinate calendar sales and fund-raising
Need volunteers to help with periodic "clean-up" trips to our adopted trail – Gray's Arch – in the Red River Gorge

Friends of Raven Run

Contact: Michael Lorton
phone: 859-288-2952
Mission: The Friend's of Raven Run, Inc. are a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for Raven Run Nature Sanctuary's expansion and a regional Environmental Education Nature Center. Currently the Friends of Raven Run are raising money to build an Environmental Education Center that will provide nature education/awareness to the public including school groups.
501c3: Yes

Wish List:

$1,000,000 for an education center
$1,000,000 for property expansion
Educational supplies, such as mounted animals
Large black board size dry erase board
Fax machine
Computer equipment (printer, monitor, computer)
Nature Field guides that are current
Any books found in a nature center library
Dissecting scopes


Family Care Center

Contact: Jean Sabharwal
Address: 1135 Red Mile Place, Lexington, KY 40504
Phone: 859-288-4040
Mission: Promote opportunities for individuals, families and children to become self-sufficient, empowered, and personally responsible. We partner with the community and other agencies to provide comprehensive quality services in an environment of mutual respect and dignity for those we serve and each other.
501c3: Yes

Wish List:

Diapers (especially size one)
Baby Care Kits (Kits include: nail clippers, ear syringe, medicine droppers, thermometer, medicine spoon and emery board)
Multicultural dolls for children 2-4 years
Sweat pants, underwear and winter coats for children – Toddlers thru 6 years
Polaroid film 600
Duplo Lego Sets
$20 gift certificates for book stores
VHS movies, not R rated
Books Daddy and Me and Mommy and Me by Neil Rickalen, Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and Real Mother Goose
Volunteer to assist in Health clinic 408 hours a month to assemble new patient packets, put together new charts, etc.
Three vinyl bean bag seats for waiting room Reading Corner (prefer blue and red)
2002 appointment calendars
5 copies Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich
Portable TV/VCR for patient education in exam room

Center for Women, Children & Families

Contact: Patsy Wood
Address: 530 N. Limestone, Lexington, KY 40508
Phone Number: 859-259-1974
Website: Not Currently
mission: Non-profit, social service agency providing a safe, accessible and healing environment for children while developing the strength and self-sufficiency of women and families through education, support and education.
501c3: Yes

Wish List:

Volunteers helping with day care, answering phones, data enty and basic office skills (filing, etc.)
In-kind donations are always needed, especially children's clothing from birth to age 6
Children's preschool toys
Children's books
Paper towels
Toilet tissue
Laundry detergent
Dryer sheets
Dishwasher soap
Liquid dish detergent
Liquid hand soap
Diapers and wipes
Canned vegetables
Canned fruits and dried fruits
Canned juices
Snack foods – cookies, pretzels, crackers, popcorn, muffin mixes

Kentucky River Foothills Development Council

Address: 1623 Foxhaven Drive, Richmond, KY 40475
Phone number: 859-624-2046
Email: karen@kyriverfoothills
Mission: Kentucky River Foothills develops community resources so that all persons may have a life of dignity, responsibility, and opportunity. We assist families in need, educate children and adults, promote partnerships that encourage self-sufficiency and improve family life in our communities.
501C3: Yes

Wish List:

Gently used and new toys
Gently used and new clothes for children and adults all ages
Plain white reams of paper - 8 1/2 x 11
Filing cabinets with locks
Personal care items
Non-perishable food


Moveable Feast Lexington, Inc.

Contact Person: Michael or Terry
Address: PO Box 367, 472 Rose St., Lexington, KY 40588-0367
Phone Number: 859-252-2867
Mission: Provides Nutritional support to persons with HIV Disease, including daily meal delivery, groceries, education & counseling
501c3: Yes

Wish List:

Drivers – Weekdays 5-7PM
Volunteers with backgrounds in development
Volunteers with backgrounds in volunteer recruitment and retention


Gainesway Community Empowerment Center

Contact: Mattie Morton or Cheryl Dalton
Address: 1165 Centre Parkway, Suite 100 Lexington, Kentucky 40517
Phone: 271-8800
Fax: 271-7649
Mission: Promote opportunities for individuals, families and children to become self-sufficient, empowered and personally responsible
501c3: No

Wish List:

5 boxes of 20 lb. white copier/printer paper
5 Cannon E40 copier cartridges
10 Electrical desktop roller printer calculators
5 Lexmark 12A1970 black printer cartridges
5 Lexmark 12A1980 color printer cartridges
3 HP c6578 color printer cartridges
10 boxes of washable broad tip Crayola markers
5 boxes of large rubber bands
25 Children blunt tip scissors
5 office scissors
10 packs AA batteries
2 Portable stereo/cd/cassette systems
5 battery operated wall clocks
20 stacking/folding chairs
Ping Pong table
Foosball table
2 Electronic Dart Boards
2 Sets of pool balls
4 pool sticks
2 Locking storage cabinets
10 Walt Disney VCR movies
5 Different Nintendo 64 games
5 Different children's board games
1 Steel magazine wall rack
1 Clear wall-mounting pamphlet display

Bluegrass Technology Center

Contact Person: Debbie Sharon
Address: 961 Beasley Street, Suite 130A, Lexington, KY 40509-4120
Phone Number: 1-800-209-7767 or 859-294-4343
Mission: Bluegrass Technological Center is a resource center that provides information and assistance in accessing tools to increase the functional capacities of an individual with a disability. BTC operates lending libraries of adapted toys and assistive equipment so that people may explore their use.
501c3: Yes

Wish List:

Empty used printer cartridges from ink jet and/or toner cartridges from laser printers
New battery operated toys (Specifically "squeeze my paw" type)
Used laptop computers
Computers with CD-Rom drives
General operating supplies always welcome

Homeless and Housing Coalition of KY

Contact Person: Judy Levey
Address: 229 W. Main St., Suite 105 Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: 502-223-1834|
Mission: To work together to eliminate the threat of homelessness and fulfill the promise of affordable housing for all Kentuckians.
501c3: Yes

Wish List:

A good laser printer
2 computer desk chairs

Hope Center

Name of Contact Person: Corbitt Polk or Heather Beam
Address: 360 W. Louden Ave.
Phone : 859-252-7881
Mission: Hope Center is a private, non profit organization which coordinates and provides life sustaining/life rebuilding services to Lexington's homeless and at-a-risk population; included food, shelter, education, spiritual needs, employment, counseling and referral
501c3: Yes

Wish List:

Blankets, warm socks, gloves, hats, long johns, sweatshirts, sweatpants, coats

Lexington Habitat for Humanity

Contact: Amy Salmons
Address: 1260 Industry Road
Phone: 252-2224
Mission: LHFH is an ecumenical Christian organization dedicted to eradicating poverty housing by building simple, decent affordable housing
501c3: Yes

Wish List:

Volunteers for nurturing committee
Chairperson for Lot committee
Fulltime office volunteer to do light office duties
Warehouse volunteers
Construction volunteers for regularly scheduled work
Assistant Volunteer coordinator