Holiday Gift Guide

ACE Holiday Gift Guide

Hemp Universe

Offering a diverse selection of all things hemp, from dresses to body care products, Hemp Universe is ideal for finding unusual, eco-friendly gifts for the person who proverbially has everything. Set in an historic building, and combining eclecticism and elegance, Hemp Universe allows gift-givers to deviate from the ho-hum norm involved in most holiday shopping. Your only regret will be wishing you could keep the gift yourself. Peruse Hemp Universe's aisles at 527 South Upper St. Any questions can be answered by calling 255-4367.

Phil's Cookshop on Romany

What do you get your favorite cook? Lessons with a master! Phil Dunn is offering two outstanding packages of cooking classes to kick off 2002. In January, Phil will cover basic cooking skills in "Tools of the Trade." In February, he will address more advanced skills in "Cuisines of the World." Each package includes four 3-hour classes. "Tools of the Trade," $149 and "Cuisines of the World," $199. Phil's Cookshop on Romany, 342 Romany Road, 266-0099.

a la lucie, Pacific Pearl,
and Roy & Nadine's

At a la lucie, Pacific Pearl, and Roy & Nadine's, you can purchase one gift certificate and give the gift of three restaurants. Just purchase a gift certificate at any of the aforementioned three, and you can delight friends and loved ones with their choice of dining establishments. Roy & Nadine's, Palomar Centre, 223-0797. Pacific Pearl, Chinoe Centre, 266-1611. a la lucie, 159 N. Limestone, 252-5277.

The Last Genuine Leather Co.

Do you know somebody who could use a little help organizing their bookshelf? Maybe an elephant could help, or a donkey or bear. At The Last Genuine Leather Co., you can find all three! Hand-crafted and heavy-weight, leather animal bookends make an unusual and practical gift for the book-lover on your list. The Last Genuine Leather Co. is located at 503 East High Street, 253-3121.

Reality Truck

Perfect for the meanest diva on your list.
Love it? Hate it? Either way, it's $20 bucks.
Available at the Ace Office
486 W. Second (corner of 2nd and Jefferson)
859/225-4889, ext 224
Mon-Thursday 9 am - 5 pm