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1 Corinthians 13:13

Rhonda, You are right about the King James Version being the more correct [Horse's Mouth, Oct 25]. Paul was writing to a people who used Greek to communicate great ideas. He would have used Agape (Charity or, as used in the Christian Church's Father/Parental love) rather than eros (romantic).

I really like your effort to spur charity in Lexington.

Like your paper,

R. Pringle

The non-profit forms for charities to complete their Wish Lists appears again in this issue.
Deadline is November 9 for receipt of forms.

Cartoon to the editor

In Praise of Patience

Dear Editor,

I appreciated reading your story on patriotism among people of all races. The September 11 tragedy has been revealing of our culture in general. George Bush said in a speech not long after September 11 that "Adversity introduces us to ourselves." Clearly, he was right. It has shown us that we are a proud and courageous nation, one that refuses to be cowed by terrorism. Defiantly and almost ignorantly (in the most pleasant sense of the word), we are marching back to work and back to school, trying to pretend as if none of the horror happened, yet waiting, in knowing anticipation, to hear the news of the newest tragedy. Perhaps that same defiance is what is now leading to impatience and a demand for immediate results. It's almost as if people are saying, "I've been faking like things are normal long enough. It's time for them to ACTUALLY BE NORMAL." We're collectively questioning (or being persuaded by the mainstream media to question) the plans of our military, effectiveness of (warning: media buzzword coming) homeland security and the foresight of public protectors. Yet we've been at this for about three weeks!!! Here's hoping we can add patience to the list of superlatives people use when describing Americans during this time in our history.


D. Herr

What Lexington Needs is bachelors

Dear Editor:

A general theme that seems to run throughout your weekly is, "what does Lexington need?" or "How can we make Lexington better?" Perhaps it's time to look in the mirror and ask, "What does ACE Weekly need?" because I think there are a few things you can do to take ACE to the next level.

First, why not hire a conservative columnist? Everyone seems to love The Fox News (for some reason) so the time to strike is now. I think this person should be of the crazy religious right variety, fresh off watching The 700 Club and ready to burn some sinners at the stake. It could become a weekly thing, as your new columnist tries to save Rhonda Reeves's soul from the eternal damnation for which she is surely headed.

Sports Illustrated has a great plan that all magazines should copy - the swimsuit issue! Just think how many more copies you'll move when Lissa Sims is photographed in front of outrageously priced houses wearing a bikini! I can see the $$ now! You can even go ahead and use the pictures you have of the PETA protester! The new conservative columnist will surely write a column condemning this issue, the better to grab some free publicity, especially if they threaten to resign.

Last but not least, I think you should catch up with those bachelor guys. They were great! I am sure everyone would like to know what they are doing, is anyone married, how, for instance, if you wanted to contact Kevin Faris, what his email is, (, is he still single, things like that.

In fact, I bet they would be up for helping out with the swimsuit issue, whether it be toweling off the models or requesting the permission of homeowners before Lissa Sims shows up in the aforementioned bikini, I am sure they would do whatever you all need.

I hope these suggestions have helped, and if any of these ideas take off and make you millions of dollars I will sue you for my cut. I know a lot of lawyers.

Yours truly,

Kevin W. Faris

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