Not to toot our own horn...

For those of you Lexingtonians who did not (God forbid) attend the illustrious Centre College, you may have missed out on the festivities last weekend during Centre's Homecoming. Rhonda Reeves, our esteemed publisher and editor of Ace (surprise, Rhonda!), was honored with the "Distinguised Young Alumna" award along with Tony-nominated John Conlee (for his acting in The Full Monty on Broadway). The pair were chosen from hundreds of young alumni (under the age of 35) on the merits of having made substantial contributions to their community. Rhonda published her first book, Reality Truck, Volume I, a collection of her infamous columns in 1999 and bought Ace Weekly from Village Voice Media in January of 2001. We bow to the great one! -EC

Creative writers and readers

Thursday, October 18th, at 8pm, Kentucky writers and former UK students Bobbie Ann Mason, Wendell Berry, Ed McClanahan, James Baker Hall and Gurney Norman will present a reading from their work. The reading will be in Singletary Concert Hall on the UK campus. Together they have published over 60 novels. They have a friendship that has spanned over forty years. They met during their days as UK students, all studying under Professor Robert Hazel. This was during their undergraduate days, as UK did not and does not offer a graduate level degree in creative writing. These are the people who helped put Kentucky on the literary map so please come out and show your support and appreciation. This is the first time that these writers have ALL appeared on the same spot at the same time - anything could happen! The event is free to the public. -JG

Still Open

Despite a little mild frost, Farmers' Market is still open Tuesday and Thursday (up the hill on Maxwell and Broadway) and downtown on Vine on Saturdays. This Saturday (Oct 20) is the Apple & Pumpkins Festival, featuring Chef Ouita Michel, Holly Hill Inn, 10am.

Suspicious packages

With the recent anthrax fright, there are now rules to how a person should open their mail. Always use a letter opener. Open the end, not the top, and slide the mail out. If you see, smell, or notice anything suspicious, stop and find someone in charge (or someone you don't like) and have them determine a course of action. Remember, if you receive a package containing unidentified powder, do not sniff or snort it; do not even stick your finger in it and do a gummy. Notify the proper authorities.-JG

Drugs are really expensive!

On Tuesday, October 23, at 10am-12pm, there will be a gathering of Senior Citizens at Ballard Towers, 650 Tower Plaza.. These citizens will come together to listen to U.S. Representative Ernie Fletcher and State Representative Susan Westrom and to share their struggles with the high cost of prescription drugs. A community sculpture of empty prescription drug bottles will be built during the event. No, there is not a chance that someone might overlook a pill or two in the bottom of the bottle. They will be empty, I assure you. The artists who are putting the sculpture together will make sure of that even if that means giving the pills to the proper authorities and telling them that they just found them and that the pills aren't theirs. -JG

And the Award Goes To

Congratulations to Dean Osborne for being nominated for the International Bluegrass Music Award's "Bluegrass Event of the Year" (Osborne Brothers Homecoming, Hyden, Kentucky) this year. Dean and this event were in the top three, out of over seven hundred events. The winner of the "Bluegrass Event of the Year" was Huck Finn's Country and Bluegrass Jubilee 2001. Rhonda Vincent, who was in Lexington recently for Woodsongs, won "Female Vocalist of the Year." Rhonda Vincent and the Rage won "Entertainer of the Year." Nickel Creek, who will be in Lexington on November 7th, won "Instrumental Group of the Year." "Album of the Year" went to O Brother, Where Art Thou?, which features an assortment of artists. "I am a Man of Constant Sorrow," by the Soggy Bottom Boys featuring Dan Tyminski, won "Song of the Year." -JG