Welcome, dear readers, to ACE's annual fall A&E Preview.

Stop for a moment to savor the wealth of information contained within. Don't let anyone tell you there's nothing to do around here because as these pages clearly show, there's more than enough to keep you occupied. September alone will have you gasping for breath as each day is crammed with events. October and November will bring a bit of a chill and with it, fairs, festivals and exhibits by the score. And December, well, who needs more to do in December? You'll be busy enough avoiding the mall and trying to figure out the perfect gift.

But if summer is all about departures, people heading out for vacations, running off to the beach or mountains and about folks getting away for a while, then fall must be about arrival. Students return, theaters reawaken with new seasons, national bands come to town and series are launched to feed our rested minds with art. It is harvest time, and harvest is defined by its variety as well its abundance. As you can see, Lexington's harvest is bountiful. Get ready because it's gonna be a great and wonderful season. Enjoy!! -Chris Webb

Disclaimer: this is a selective list of events, not exhaustive. Remember, the ACE List remains your weekly bible for all late-breaking events. Chris would like to thank everyone at ACE for their invaluable help in assembling and preparing this information.&Mac220;