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What Traffic?

Thank you, W. Eric Broviak! ['Worst of,' Readers' Poll , July 26] People that gripe about Lexington traffic make me want to puke. What's the longest that any one of you have to wait in this so called "traffic?" Ten minutes, TOPS? Move to a real city where it takes an hour and a half to get across town, if you want to experience a real traffic nightmare. People in Lexington really don't have much to complain about if you ask me: I admit that it is a wee bit boring and kind of bland, but it's clean, safe and centrally located. I think we have it pretty dang good here.

Kim Hayden

Friends of Bill W

Hello Ace:

I wanted to take some time to drop a line about Mr. Bill Widener's fine work as a commentary artist. Wow, he is good. Not only did I enjoy and agree with all that he commented on regarding Lexington's "worst" - but I always look forward to his art. He is a true gem to this community. He seems to be quite in touch with the jagged, yet absolutely honest in his creative works. Lexington is lucky to have such a sage. Sincerely,

Susan Quinn

Goin' Home

I think you can out-write Faulkner, and Mailer (and maybe Tom Wolfe thrown in for effect) with one arm tied behind your back [Cover Story, "Facing South," by Walter Howerton, July 19]. More stuff your parents should, but never can, be proud of!

I think this is exceptional and deserves wide readership.

Far, far, better than that weak Irish crap of Frank McCourt!

If you aren't speaking for at least an entire generation of Southern Boys, then you certainly speak about several generations of 'em.

I really loved it! and don't worry, I know Mailer isn't really a Southern writer (just wish he was, HA HA).

Durwood Edwards

Radio Free Country


Thought you might enjoy this take on so-called "Contemporary Country" music after reading your endorsement of the Oxford Sampler [Editorial, Horse's Mouth, July 19].

"Country music's great - as long as you don't turn on the radio." - Jim White, at Lynagh's a few months back promoting his wonderful album No Such Place.


Gwenda Bond

Look to the List

Just want to take a moment to thank you for listing us in ACE Weekly. We truly provide a wonderful service for homeless youth and single moms. ACE also provides a great service by listing needs of non-profit agencies. I have been a fan of ACE Weekly for some time now. Again, thanks so much.

Kim Henderson

Presbyterian Community Based Services

Workin' for the (Wo)Man


I always enjoy reading you. But, I have to say that your piece "Why we Work" [July 12] is not only good work, it's very insightful.

I was once a wage slave and I have a pathological dislike for management.

But later, when I escaped from wage Hell and started farming, I became by default a "boss." As you say, it's a challenge to trust any part of your dream to employees and then treat them as humans rather than as "resources."

I still don't like bosses, but I still occasionally have to be one. I try to create an environment where I can tolerate the former and still respect the latter (myself).

I farm; much of my work is very physical. I love it. I don't just like it, I love it. Our society has such disdain for actual physical work that we now either just get fat or we have to make our play into work (the gym).

When you finally do write the novel, the protagonists should be people who love their work. If they're farmers, there will be enough irony and tragedy for several sequels. Hell, make it a trilogy.

Keep up the good work.

Big fan,

Larry Swartz

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