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Another Media Departure

I enjoyed reading your latest issue, highlighting the departure of 'Billy' [Reed. Cover, June 28]. Sadly, Lexington is about to lose another celebrity in Andrea Sayre. She is leaving the area and K-93 to become a 'full-time mom'. As a stay-at-home mother myself, I commend her on this move. I would love to see you cover Andrea's departure, she has been such an asset to this community and will be sadly missed.


Emily Brown

Thursday night's hearing

Thoughts on Lexington's proposed traffic plan:


PERMANENT closing of ANY Vine Street curve lanes needs to wait until the Newtown Pike Extension is complete and functioning.


It is GOOD that we are addressing the ugly woes of the exterior of the Civic Center. The 70 and 80s gave us many bland buildings - or worse - including the Civic Center.

It is BAD that we could not have used the $45,000,000 to do something more exciting to the facade. While the planned result is less ugly than what we have now, why can't we go for world class? The current plans for the Civic Center indicates that we'll be stuck with mediocre for decades. (Better than ugly, though!)


The wide interest the latest controversy has generated about downtown issues is positive. It is important to capitalize on this new momentum, rather than letting the interest fizzle out until the next brouhaha There is no question but that we REALLY need a downtown plan. It's vital for downtown and for Lexington. What we have now are just some concepts to consider. Any planning has to include ALL of the stakeholders. (Govt. officials, businesses, neighborhoods, workers, experts and consultants, and other constructively interested people).


There are many ideas that have been identified that could help downtown move toward the place we all want it to be. There have been many seminars over the years that deal with this topic. The same ideas come up over and over, but are never acted on. Many would require little in terms of monetary expenditures. How can this be changed?

Bill Johnston

It's a gas, gas, gas

Dear Ms. Reeves,

I just wanted to write to tell you what a fan I am of your writing. I've been reading Ace for a long time but your pieces are the icing on the cake!

Every week I look forward to picking up my copy of Ace at the Ramsey's Diner on Harrodsburg Road, where my wife and I have lunch on Saturday. Jeff's [cover story] on Billy Reed was written with a lot of admiration and respect and was very good reading.

I know you can't possibly get a laugh out of this, since you don't know me, but today we went on a trip to Fayette Mall to buy [my wife] some undergarments and all I could think of was Rhonda's article earlier this year about a trip to Victoria's Secret!

What a Gas! I'm not gonna tell you some of the stuff I pulled on the sales clerk who waited on us.

Best of luck to you and everyone at Ace. Keep up the good, no, excellent work!

Al Hoffman

What if.

What if God made Eve out of the let instead of the rib? [Reality Truck June 21]. When you were joking with someone would it be called letting instead of ribbing? Would frogs say "lettit"? Would women in Georgia wear Lettins in their hair? It's a good thing God doesn't go to Applebee's.

Lee Weatherly

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