Chalk It Up

Been looking for an opportunity to mold your impressionable children into burgeoning graffiti artists? Wait no more. The time has arrived.

The Downtown Lexington Corporation is encouraging artists of all ages to grab as much chalk as they can get their hands on and come to the courthouse square for the first Fridays of July and August to "Chalk the Walk."

The theme for July 6 will be "Americana" and for August 3, "Dog Days of Summer." In the event of rain, it will be postponed one week.

For more information, call 231-7335.

-Loree Stark

Cereal Box Glory... Wheaties Style!

To kick off the release of its new cereal, Wheaties Energy Crunch, General Mills has launched a new box-picture campaign aimed at glorifying "Everyday Champions." In their search across the Amber Waves of Grain, they have nestled in the hollows of Kentucky to search out our state's "Everyday Champion." The cereal company is interested in candidates who are active in athletics as well as community service - couch potatoes need not apply (they're looking for fiber here folks, not starch). Wheaties will donate $25,000 to the contest winner's charity of choice as well as a green bushel totaling $2,500 dumped into the bank account of Kentucky's "Everyday Champion." Think you've got what it takes to be a grain-saturated cereal-box-model sell-out? Enter the contest by registering at -Eric Newman

Wally World: Chapter Two

"The secret to successful retailing is to give your customers what they want."

Simple words, but true. Sam Walton, the late visionary who masterminded the Wal-Mart empire said that these words were his secret to success. However, hundreds of concerned consumers attended Wal-Mart's annual meeting in Fayetteville, AR on June 1 to prove that Wal-Mart simply wasn't holding up their end of the bargain.

The reason? Consumers were on hand to protest Wal-Mart's plan to test market irradiated meat (meat that has been exposed to high doses of energy to kill bacteria and extend shelf life) at some of their stores. Irradiation disrupts the chemical composition of the meat, creating new chemicals and vitamins, while destroying essential fatty acids and other nutrients. Irradiation can also purportedly mask filthy conditions in slaughterhouses in food processing plants, and does nothing to remove those "other" things that often contaminate meat (think The Jungle).

Sound like what the customers want? We think not. -LS

Taking It All Off

Some people will do just about anything for success.

John Ellison Conlee (on the left), a 1990 graduate of Centre College, was nominated for a "Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical" Tony for his role as Dave Bukatinsky in The Full Monty. Conlee plays an unemployed overweight steel worker who decides, with a group of friends also in dire need of cash, to strip down to pay the bills. The Full Monty is not Conlee's first venture into the realm of acting. (We're not sure about the stripping.) He has also appeared in several plays for the New York Shakespeare Festival.

The Full Monty garnered 10 Tony nominations in all, but received no awards at the June 3 ceremony. The award for "Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical" went to Gary Beach for the Producers. We wuz robbed. -LS

A Little Dwight Yoakam in Your Freezer

If cranking out top-notch records wasn't enough, business savvy KY native Dwight Yoakam has branched out to the food industry. With an already strong on-line presence, Dwight has founded, a tasty venture where he peddles mouth-watering morsels of country cooking. Just heat 'em and eat 'em. Thirty biscuits run about $18. You can even pick up T-shirts and caps with the Bakersfield Biscuits logo. Snoop around the site and learn the story of Biscuit Boy and how he, his mighty recipe, and his musical knowledge were saved by Dwight and Buck Owens. Watch a BiscuitOne News reel or play a round of Feed the Biscuit Boy. Link to Bakersfield Biscuits Racing and check out their sponsorship of an ASA racing machine. Or link to Bakersfield Biscuits Recipes which includes such dainty dishes as Biscuits Monte Cristo, Fococcia Biscuits, Country Style Biscuit Burgers with cheese and bacon, Deep Fried Biscuits with Beef Barley Soup, and Dwight's mother's very own recipe for Stewed Squirrel with gravy and all the trimmings. It's a whole new avenue of entertainment from a country superstar. –C.W.