Just a Taste

And the moral of this story/Is I guess it's easier said than done/To look at what you've been through/And to see what you've become.

-Lyle Lovett

The last julep has been drunk. Gout is setting in from all that country ham and prosciutto that was wrapped around the asparagus. The Derby is officially over, we're all knee deep in the throes of Post Party Depression.

Thank God for Taste of Ace this Friday.

When the current regime took over this past January, we had a lot of highfalutin ideas about how we might make a difference in this


Our first act was, therefore, to auction off men like slabs of beef via the Bluegrass Bachelors Auction.

Was it a success?

Well, some people complained that it was too hot and crowded.

Others were mad that they went home empty-handed (as it were)... but we did raise thousands of dollars for Woodstock Animal Foundation (and that's thousands of dollars that will go toward low-cost spay-neuter programs, and feeding rescued puppies and kitties).

Since then, we've raised money and awareness for groups as diverse as Arc of the Bluegrass, AVOL, the Girl Scouts, GO Women, Inc., Home at Last Animal Sanctuary, Latitude, Moveable Feast, and many others.

We've launched a quarterly literary magazine.

We invited award-winning author Larry Brown and musician Alejandro Escovedo to bring their one-of-a-kind tour here (it also stopped in Chicago and New York).

We're working on a teaming of author Chris Offutt and punk godfather Richard Hell.

We've forged coalitions and partnerships with Joseph-Beth, Common Grounds, and a host of non-profit groups and arts groups.

We're doing our part to revitalize downtown every chance we get. (We LIVE here too.)

We mean to put our money where our mouth is - very literally.

As employees, our prior mandate had been, "make a good paper, sell a good paper, period. That's the job."

We think we can do better.

We think it's PART of the job, but we also think we need to be more than some nameless, faceless rag that you pick up once a week, to find a movie listing, read your astrology, or check out Red Meat.

We want to be a part of the heart and soul of this community.

We try to take our job - but never ourselves - seriously.

Help us celebrate our first anniversary as a weekly. Friday, May 11, 7 pm, Victorian Square. Taste of Ace.

l Dinner is served!

Who's coming and what they're bringing


A la lucie, Lucie Sloane

Hummus, tabouleh and lamb in grape leaves.

Dudley's, Ethan Kniskern

Wild ramp potato vichysoise with morel mushrooms.

Emmett's, Mark Richardson

Proscuitto, caramelized onion, and goat cheese pizzas.

High on Rose, Yuka Swonke

Assorted types of sushi including tuna rolls, spicy tuna rolls and California rolls.

The Homestead, Tony Cortez

Chicken breasts stuffed with crayfish and pulled pork barbeque.

Jonathan at Gratz Park, Jonathan Lundy

Hemp-fed beef carpacchio (in honor of Gatewood Galbraith).

Lafayette Club, Rebecca Maupin and Kevin Trahan

Various and assorted pastries, such as mini eclairs, macaroons, lemon bars, brownies, and dalmation brownies.

Malone's, Victor Beunrostio

Smoked salmon with crostinis; petite beef medallions on a silver dollar roll with dijon sauce.

Pacific Pearl, Saint Jerrod Figgs

Rock Shrimp spring rolls.

Roy & Nadine's, Paul Dagenbach

Shrimp ceviche with lime marinated rock shrimp with tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos. Served with blue corn chips.