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Ain't Easy Bein' Green

Regarding Barbara Kingsolver's "Open Letter" [Cover, Apr 26]: I disagree on certain points; none that have to do with her intent,which is noble, but with the methods she suggests.

I presume that most have heard the revelation that the U.S.Congress gets so much e-mail that it's deleted in bulk, unread. Do you imagine they pay any greater attention to fax or letter campaigns ? They recognize FINANCIAL campaigns. I imagine that many of the corporate targets of public interest campaigns behave the same way.

Will I check ? Yes & I'll participate in their campaign but I won't count on its effectiveness. Face it-these folks aren't going to wake up one day & say to themselves,"Gee, ruining the world for money is wrong! What a jerk I've been!" These are hard-core materialists who don't care what happens to the world (leave that for the meek!)-they're having their party here & now.

What do I think might work? First: direct action. You want less traffic congestion ? Car pool, ride your bike, walk, use Lextran (sure it's not great service but it can't improve without public support-the city council has consistently shortchanged their funding) but do something besides sitting in traffic complaining.

While we're at it, let's do something about our local & state governments.

You want safe, healthy food ? Don't wait for the FDA ("Ya'll go on & inspect yourselves-we trust you") to set you up with some wonderful Starlite(TM) corn. Get out to the farmer's markets, the Whole Foods & other stores, even plant a little plot of your own.

California's electrical energy problem ? The U.S.A.'s gas "shortage"? That's not due to a shortage of energy; it's due to lousy management, unregulated companies & the fact that these industries are not motivated to develop new, better power sources. They want to do what's easy & what's already making them money. WE-and gentle reader, that includes you--must drive the investments in alternative energy. WE must conserve. WE must change OUR habits.

Easy ? No. Easy is sending a letter & hoping that people who've long proven their opposition to change will suddenly reform. We can't succeed by asking them to change; we must change & change the situation without them.Let's cut "them" out of the loop.

Ms. Kingsolver hopes to bequeath a livable world to our children; the first step is to have control of that world. Easy ? No. Necessary? Yes.

Nell Clipper & Darryl Weaver

First there was Barbara Streisand preaching on the evils of the Bush conspiracy. Now Ace graces us with local priestess Barbara Kingsolver's mantra bemoaning the end of civilization as she knows it. Most impressive was her sympathy for those people whose lives will be lost in some imagined future when they will not be able to kill their pre-born children. I must confess that I have not read her work ,but, if her books reveal such poverty of spirit, why would one want to?

Marc Roberts

Ain't Easy Bein' Easy

Who knew women worked so hard at getting laid? Even smart, attractive, ambitious women? Who wear pajamas in public. Steep pajamas, at that. [Reality Truck, Apr 26] Have really enjoyed seeing you at all the Ace events of the past few weeks.

You disappeared there for a while. Me and my buddies noticed. We assumed you were holed up with some guy. We're glad to know there's a chance for the rest of us.

Your kind of woman gives all new hope to my generation and demographic: men in their late 20s with drinking problems.

Todd Hawkins

Uhhh, thanks. And as long as you stay 50 feet away, there should be no problem with any more unseemly violations of that restraining order.

A Little Latitude

I am writing concerning the article by Mark Heidinger, "A Little 'Latitude'." [Apr12] I am the Provider Recruiter with the Supports for Community Living (SCL) waiver program, which provides Medicaid funding for individuals with disabilities to access supports within the community, and Latitude will soon become an SCL certified provider.

The article imparts the philosophy and vision that we want to see spread throughout the state of Kentucky and throughout the SCL waiver program.

Thank you.


Beverly C. Collins, Provider Recruiter

SCL New Provider Relations & Recruitment

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