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Too White, Too Young

I'm curious...about the complete lack of cultural diversity reflected by the ACE Bluegrass Bachelors. [Cover, Feb 8]

Typically I don't give a rat's a** about that stuff, but this time it's pretty darn GLARINGLY (white) obvious...what's up?

Julie Smead

Why weren't any of your eligible bachelors over 40?

Suzanne Jordan

Editor: The selections reflect the composition of the nominees, who (for whatever reason, but probably in some way reflecting the demographic composition of Lexington), were white males, 25-40, with very few exceptions. Beyond that, some nominees elected not to participate. Some disqualified themselves (i.e., they were already hooked up, and their nominator didn't realize it). Some nominees did not pass their background check. And finally, there was only space for 10 (in the issue, and on the Auction block).

Bluegrass Bachelors will be back next year. Plan your nominations now.

(And finally, Ace champions diversity at every turn, and while I can't speak to the lack of representation among other groups, among my black male friends, they mentioned a very specific sociohistorical bias against going on an Auction Block for anything, no matter how great the charity.)

Big Wheels


It made my day to hear Ace is in your hands. One request: Please bring back Reality Truck!

A fan,

Carin Sappelli

Since you asked nicely, it's on p. 5.

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Report from the Front

Ace Weekly would again like to thank all those who helped us put on one of the most successful events in the paper's history: the Bluegrass Bachelors Charity Date Auction on February 9 at the Loudoun House.

We are excited to report that our efforts raised over $3,000 for the Woodstock Animal Foundation, Inc., locally run by Denise Calcagno as a true labor of love.

Founded in 1997 on a shoestring budget, Woodstock reports that they have saved several thousand dogs, cats,and assorted other animals' lives by finding them loving homes around the Bluegrass.

The powers that be at Ace, as well as the lesser ones, all have one thing in common. We adore/love/would sell our body parts for the love of a pet.

As the paper goes to press, there is a 6-week old puppy (who some staff have begun calling Poopy) running loose around the very glam office that houses Ace. Poopy is just one of the many four-legged visitors that frequents the building-neighborhood cats, a four pound Yorkshire named Hercules, and, of course, Rhonda's beloved holy terrors (a rescue Mastiff and rescue Pyrenees), that tower over six feet tall on their hind legs (and regularly terrorize the staff).

As avid animal lovers, Ace supports animal rescue, adoption, and the low-cost spay/neuter practices that Woodstock promotes and implements.

We sincerely hope that organizations committed to adoption and rescue will continue to thrive as local awareness about their cause is spread around the community.

Check out our Pet Pick every week in the Ace List - and get with the program. -EC

Look to for more event photos and an insider's essay on the trials and tribulations of Bachelor Party pimp-hood by Rob Bricken.