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Awwww Shucks

Can it be that Spring has come early to the Bluegrass, or is that just a breath of fresh air from West Second Street? The fact that Ace is now solely in the hands of one of our own is a great mid-winter reprieve from the depressing electoral soap opera of the past year. Sort of a mental January thaw.

I know that you will claim, now that you will be wearing yet another hat on your (lovely) head, that you don't have the time or energy to resume writing Reality Truck. Or maybe you believe that it really isn't possible to "go home again". OK, just call it something else, or serve it up periodically, or not on a rigid schedule. But throw us former RT junkies some sort of bone.


One more thing: I don't believe for a minute that disclaimer about looking inside and not finding the makings of the "great American novel [Ace's web news, Jan 18]. You've just got a few years of research to do first, and it's all research.

Congratulations and good luck.

Larry Swartz

via email

We wish you all the best!! We love the gnarly, meaty, good reading, substantial articles you keep in ACE and wish you much success!!

Third Street Stuff

Now you won't have anyone to tell you what to do. Except of course, readers, advertisers, members of the religious right...Seriously, though, congratulations and have fun!

Howard Stovall

Dear Rhonda,

Congrats! It's nice to see a Centre girl excel outside of marrying well!

Karen Cocanougher, '87


Hi - We recently saw O Brother Where Art Thou. After reading the Ace Magazine review of it, we would like to point out a few inconsistencies.

1. The Tommy Johnson character was not based on Robert Johnson as your reviewer states. There was a guitarist named Tommy Johnson who recorded 7 or 8 years prior to Robert Johnson. In the film, the scene that introduces Johnson details that he sold his soul to learn to play the guitar. This was the very legend that circulated about Tommy Johnson.

2. Your reviewer calls the band (made up of George Clooney, John Turturro and Tim Blake Nelson) the Soggy Mountain Boys. However, they are actually the Soggy Bottom Boys (ostensibly because they were still soaked from a dip in the water). There was a real life group (however, not mentioned or anyway in the film) called the Foggy Mountain Boys - perhaps that is where the confusion lies.

Hope this clears it up - other than a few inconsistencies, the review was quite enjoyable.

Michelle Whitman and John Aguero

You may actually be referring to a review you read in Ace WEEKLY. Hope this clears it up.

We don't need no stinkin' guidelines

I made an inquiry about submissions to Ace and was e-mailed your guidelines-how disappointing! No columns, no first person, nothing, in short, except investigative journalism pieces. You and your new bosses have effectively thrown the baby out with the bath water, or shall I say more precisely, been sold down the river?

I am not the only person who feels this way. For the last several issues, my professional cohorts and I have been bemoaning the fact that ACE could be a marvelous vehicle for community education, coalition building, and expanded consciousness at a time when we really need it, but unfortunately seems to only cater to the most immature and culturally bound segment of our population.

Too bad you're moving in the wrong direction. Expect your readership to continue to go down, not up.


Naomi Nefertari

Thanks for the concern, but our readership continues to increase. And while our "new bosses" aren't new (and they aren't even our bosses anymore), they didn't write the Guidelines.

Pass the peacepipe, please

Dear Rhonda,

I am a paramount procrastinator. I have wanted to write to you since December 2000. Now, prompted by today's news story in the Herald Leader [Thursday, January 18], I offer heartfelt congratulations on the purchase of ACE Weekly. I know that ACE will prosper and grow with your leadership.

I really appreciated the article that you wrote on Gay Reading [Horse's Mouth, Nov, "Tea Time"]. Gay is one of Lexington's truly unsung heroes (until your article). He works diligently daily for the preservation of the Blue Grass. I know that Gay does it for the love of it and not for glory. In this case a little glory does not hurt. I know that he was mildly embarrassed by your complimentary article. (You will never hear me say gushy.)

I read ACE more often now. I love reading all of Lexington's newspapers and ACE is certainly on top of the heap...

In trust,

Christian Henkel

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