Holiday Gift Guide

ACE Holiday Gift Guide

The 11°10 Exterieur Vest was made for any outdoor activity that requires cold weather insulation combined with superior breathability. And this durable hemp vest is lined with recycled bottlecap fleece. Zippered pockets and utility holder give this vest strength in addition to great style and maximum comfort. Pair it with Of The Earth's 100% hemp plaid shirt for a great rugged look. Hemp Universe, 527 South Upper Street, 255-4367. Open Mon-Fri 11 to 7 and Sat 11 to 5.

Four different styles of papier-mâché, welded steel frame floor lamps. Featured are the Deja 5, Dali, Kadinsky, and Francis lamps. Our showroom also features sofas, chairs, and other upholstered goods which could be custom ordered and delivered. Stroll through lovely, contemporary furnishings, lighting, and home accessories as you shop Alteriors, 132 West Third Street, 259-0867. Now open everyday through the holidays. Sale now in progress

Each Gift Basket is thoughfuly done with your taste in mind. Filled with Lexington's largest selection of fine chocolates, coffees, teas, and jams. Featuring gifts such as teapots, candles, Appalachian natural soaps and hand tatted Christmas ornaments. Will deliver. Baskets priced from $25 to $100 at Chocolate Forest, 2573 Richmond Road, Sweet 230, 266-8668

The very best gift for the dog lover, or the dog you love on your list is the Dog Nest. At Orvis - The Sporting Tradition, they have tons of these in stock in three sizes and a variety of great fabrics. There is simply no better dog bed on the market! Great for feline friends as well. Orvis - The Sporting Tradition is located on the 2nd floor of the Civic Center Shops, 255-8652.

Let's face it: yeah, Christmas has gotten a little commercial. Sure, the bright lights are out on November 24 (if not before), holiday music fills your ears well before a white Christmas becomes an option, and the stores have their Christmas sale extravaganzas long before you've even had time to digest your turkey.

Many people talk about commercialism as if it were the death of Christmas. It's not. It's not even that peculiar a way to celebrate the holidays. This is the time for family, friendship, and showing people how much you care.

And a hug's nice, but wouldn't it ALSO be nice to get little Tommy the CD boxed set he's been asking about? Or to give Mom that expensive piece of jewelry or Kate Spade handbag she's been dreaming of? There's true joy there. Aww.

It's not about the buying, really; it's about the giving. So let us GIVE a few pointers. Sure, you could brave the uncertainty and insecurity of the online shopping world, or fight the mall traffic.

Or, might we suggest, you take your wallets and purses to some of the local shoppes and stores, as featured in this year's Holiday Gift Guide - many of which are locally-owned and operated. Why, you'll be downright amazed at the selection of goodies you'll find and shocked at the lack of big-city prices. It's fun. 'Tis true.

So let the Gift Guide be your... uh, guide to the love of commerce and the commerce of love this holiday season.

You'll find treats for all your loved ones, even the ones you don't really love but are staying with because you're too afraid to find another relationship. That's how good the Gift Guide is. Trust us. We trust you.

Remember, while you can't buy love, love is often directly proportional to cash spent. We've done the math.

Happy holidays.