the Highlights...

September 8th

I... Wanna Rock and Roll on the night September 8th... And party on most of the 9th additionally

KISS Army... it is time. It is time to rise for your masters for one final night, to hear their instructions and do their bidding... Yes, it is the final Final Farewell tour for KISS (until they make some more action figures to base a reunion tour on). Their music is extraordinarily normal. Their talent has been questioned. But no one can deny that KISS puts on the best damn live show ever. From the Tammy Faye level make-up, the dragon-faced platform shoes, the fire-breathing... nothing even comes close to a live KISS show other than eating 'shrooms and lukewarm pork. Trust us and go see the concert instead. With guitar legend/god/creepy mountain man/compassionate Republican Ted Nugent and former youths gone wild Skid Row.

September 8th, Rupp Arena, 7pm. Call 233-3535 for tickets.

All month

Put a Little Love in your Heart

The Roots and Heritage Festival started in 1989 as a small neighborhood party. Now it's one of Kentucky's Top Ten Festivals. It takes place throughout the entire month of September, and includes lectures (6th), art exhibits (8th, pictured), concerts (8th & 10), golf (9th, 10th), a play (14th), a movie (22nd), comedy (28th), a charity ball (30th)and more. Of course, the centerpiece is the parade and street festival on the 9th, which starts at 10am and runs all the way through midnight, starting on Elm Tree Lane. Join in the singing and dancing, or stop in to the African Marketplace. It's plenty of entertainment and cultural import; not to be missed.

All month, all stuff, all over the place. Check the calendar, baby, it's what it's there for. Check out for more details.

September 10th

Spread Your Wings and Fly, Art Lovers. Fly!

191 Jefferson Street is a building with a lot of history. It was a grocery. Then, it was two or three restaurants (most recently Fish Net). Then, it was simply abandoned. When Carleton Wing, one of the godfathers of Lexington art, saw it, he knew it was his next gallery. It's called Wingspan (and it's part of that ongoing "Jefferson Street Revival" that we love so much... and not just because Ace is right across the street). It opens today with A Sunday Afternoon, an exhibit of pastel drawings by Molly Costich Wilson. Each work is a portrait, each drawn on a Sunday afternoon, raising thoughts about time, place, and activity.

The exceedingly new Wingspan Gallery, 191 Jefferson Street, 2-5pm.

September 19th

She Took a Mean Photograph and Didn't Wreck the Beatles

It's a tribute to the late artist as well as a look back at a defining decade in the 20th century. Linda McCartney, wife of the Cute One, took some pictures of the Rolling Stones in 1966. They were so good Rolling Stone (the mag) hired her as their first staff photographer (and not because she was a Kodak heir). She had access to the Who, Jimi Hendrix (pictured), Frank Zappa, Janis Joplin, and even the Beatles! The Speed Art Museum in Louisville brings nearly 50 of her best rock 'n' roll photographs for an exhibit titled Linda McCartney's Sixties: Portrait of an Era. There will also be a concurrent exhibit of psychedelic rock concert graphics titled Dancing on the Edge.

Speed Art Museum 2035 S 3rd St, Louisville. 1-877/JBSPEED. $10 for adults, $8 seniors, $5 students and children.

September 23-October 8

Stink, Stank, Stunk

The Double Stink Hog Farm. Purveyor of fine pumpkins for many, many years. And, if you can brave the name, you'll find some of the best pumpkins in the Bluegrass, small and big, even over 100lbs. And it is a fest, so bring the kids to enjoy crafts, games, pony rides, a petting zoo and more. Or enjoy the craft booths and demonstrations. There'll be food by Apple Creek Orchards. And pumpkins. Thousands of pumpkins. Pumpkins pumpkins pumpkins. Let us know if you're going to stay up all night and look for the Great Pumpkin, because it's more fun with two.

The Double Stink Hog Farm, the corner of US460 and US922 in Scott County. Runs September 23, 24 and 30, and October 1, 7 and 8. Saturdays 10am-6pm and Sundays 12-6pm. Open weekdays for simple pumpkin selling. Call 270/868-9703 .

September 29

A Totally Shameless Meat Market... for Charity

Going on a manhunt... gonna find me a man... and it couldn't be easier than at the Bluegrass Bachelors 2000 Auction, held by the ruthless pimps of ACE Weekly. We'll be lining up racks of local beefcake to be bid on like furniture; the lucky high bidders get a date with the auctionee and the knowledge they'll be benefiting the fuzzy folks at Woodstock Animal Foundation, who will rake in all the proceeds. Bachelors will themselves be competing for prizes based on who raises the most dough. Nomination forms are in every issue of ACE Weekly. Not all details are available yet, but we can say, without shame or hesitation, "Fresh meat!"

At the Loudoun House, 209 Castlewood Drive. Stay tuned, dear readers. We're still wading through the nominations by the bushel.