the Highlights...

December 1st

Enjoy the Love UK Has for its Artists

Yes, that love is indeed strong. UK has given their artists the Reynolds Building, a huge loft of studios and rooms for these little creators to express themselves with freedom and abandon. While you might see the Reynolds Building as a deathtrap, a rotting former tobacco warehouse with neither heating/cooling or even the ability to pass fire inspections, UK recognizes the f'eng shui of the building to be most conducive to their darling little artistic geniuses. Regardless, enjoy the building and the art of both students and faculty at their annual Open Studio. It's tough love.

Reynolds Building, the end of Scott Street, 6-10pm. 257-3042.

December 1st

That's E-s-c-o-v-e-d-o

Rather, it's Alejandro Escovedo. Cousin of that other famous Escovedo (Sheila E). Oxford American called him the King of Y'allternative in their annual summer music issue this year. "Castanets" would be the best song of 2000.... if it weren't for the fact that Bloodshot won't be getting his next album on the streets till 2001. Come on by for a tasty preview.

Lynagh's, 9:30pm, $8/10.

December 4th-6th

So Many Bowls, So Few Soups

When you already know that soup is good food, why hesitate to be a part of Transy's annual Empty Bowls Project? You know the drill; Kentucky's best ceramists make bowls and send 'em to the Morlan Gallery for people to ooh and aah at from the 4th-6th. Then on the 6th, there will be dinner, with soups and breads by the Atomic Cafe. You rent the bowl for $10, and get a great free meal. Afterwards, the artists' bowls go on the auction block. All the dough goes to a worthy non-profit. So hey... charity is good food too. Pass the crackers.

Morlan Gallery, Transylvania University. Gallery hours: noon-5pm; Dinner is on the 6th, 5-7pm. Auction starts at 7pm on the 6th as well.

December 7th

Bluegrass Music? In the Bluegrass!?! You've Got to be Kidding!!

Hardly, chum! While it couldn't be more ironic, Bluegrass music is officially coming to the Bluegrass when the Troubadour series brings out the Masters of Bluegrass (and who would've guessed the name! Ha haaa!!) featuring Bela Fleck, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan, Bryan Sutton, and Mark Schatz. They'll be pickin' and grinnin' all through the night, bringing our musical heritage to our very ears. If you just can't get enough, they're playing at Paramount Art Center in Ashland on the 6th. Double the blue, and double, the... uhh, never mind.

Troubadour Series, the Kentucky Theater, 214 East Main St, 8pm, $41.50. 231-6997.

December 15th

He's Bigger than the Beatles

Jesus Christ, superstar, again stalks the Singletary Center with his phenomenal sound. As part of his yearly, Messiah tour, backed by George Zack and the Lexington Philharmonic, He packs them in with sellout crowds, every year. You'll swoon to the Orchestra's lush presentation of Handel's masterwork. You'll be enchanted by the angelic voices of the Lexington Singers. And don't worry; rest assured that extra security measures have been taken to prevent Mr. Claus from arriving and causing a scene like last year.

Singletary Center for the Arts, 8pm, $16-32. 233-4226.

December 31st

The Final Word

Now that everyone thinks they're safe, ACE would just like to take a moment and remind everyone that THIS is the last day of the century and millennium. So the world will probably end tomorrow, like everyone mistakenly thought it would last year. Our advice: get a pizza (pay with a check, haw!), go ahead and take the calendar off the fridge, grab a cold beer and start getting religious.

We at ACE pray you have a happy holiday season.