Welcome to Ace's annual fall A&E Preview

Take all the magnets off your refrigerator. Just look at it for a second. Look how clean it is. Enjoy the natural beauty of the void.

Now, look at the Arts and Entertainment Preview in your hand. It's full of words. Words that mean things. Words that tell you what's going on in Lexington for a full four months. Enjoy the chaos of the mass of little letters. Remember how full of information every single line is.

Now, stick the things on your fridge, and let the happiness wash over you and the chaos and the void come together to lend an order to your life for the next four months. No more wondering "what to do? What's going on?" There, for the next four months, your refrigerator will be your guide.

Will you even be able to eat or sleep during September? The A&E guide says no - proclaiming concerts, plays, the Roots & Heritage Festival, and more. There's even KISS, for Peter Criss's sake.

October sees the wind turn a bit chillier, so be sure to put your jackets on when heading to all the fall fairs, festivals, and harvests. If you don't, you might catch a sniffle when you head down to Scott County to pick up your pumpkin from the Double Stink Hog Farm Pumpkinfest (don't pretend you're not going, either. We know).

While the leaves fall gently from the trees in November, try not to contemplate the death cycle of nature - instead, focus on the great art exhibits springing up all over town, concerts by Lexington's various orchestras and bands, and the bibliophile's wet dream, the annual Kentucky Book Fair.

And for December, there's still enough on the docket to make your forget all about gifts, family, and religion... like Alejandro Escovedo at Lynagh's, the Masters of Bluegrass concert with Bela Fleck at the Kentucky, movies, still more art exhibits, movies - all those things you kids like nowadays, with your long hair and your beepers and your rock 'n' roll music...

But please, enjoy the Fall Arts & Entertainment Preview. It has been a labor of love - not nice love either, more like that sweaty, having-sex-to-avoid-talking-to-you love - for all involved. Let it be a beacon of information shining through all the autumn months. Let it adorn your fridge to guide you to the most provocative and interesting events of the fall. And when we come over, and see that it's not on your fridge, please understand we only hit the ones we love.

- Rob Bricken and Christina "Dwig Dug" Dwiggins

Disclaimer: this is a selective list of events, not exhaustive. Remember, the ACE List remains your weekly bible for all late-breaking events.

Rob would like to thank Eloise Campbell and Steven Tweddell for their invaluable assistance in assembling and condensing all this information. Christina would like to thank Rob for saving every bit of the tedious data entry for her, the big jerk.